Submitting Photos for Juried Craft Fairs

If you do a lot of craft fairs you’ve probably run into the words “juried event.”  I don’t mind having to go through a jury.  It usually means there’s going to be high quality work at the event and if I get a spot I’m happy.  Jury basically means you have to submit three (sometimes 4) images of your work for the committee to use as a reference for when they get together to decide who they are going to allow to a show.

Of course the hard part is choosing three good photos that are a good representation of your work.  I’ve learned a few thins over the past two years of markets when it comes to submitting photos.

  1. Take the time to take really good pictures.  Most of us do this anyway, but don’t just pull out three pictures that you happen to have on your computer.  Trust me, everyone else who is applying to the show is going to be putting forth their best pictures.
  2. Show a good variety of what you offer.
  3. Choose pictures/items that will make you stand out.
  4. Change up your pictures.  Twice a year (sometimes more often) I update my pictures.  I am always coming up with new soaps.  I try and change them up for the seasons.  I also never use the same pictures two years in a row.  I apply to many of the same events year after year.  I want to show the jury panel that I’m always updating my product and bringing something new and fun to the event.

I do mainly CP soaps.  I am also known for my cupcakes and Soap Sundaes.  Yes I do bath products, but they’re maybe 5% of what I offer.  And honestly…bath products aren’t all that interesting to look at.  My soaps, like many of yours, are “works of art” for me.  I put the most time and effort into those.  I think long and hard about designs.  I sketch them out and plan in advance before I pour a batch.  They are what get people to stop at my booth.  That’s what I need to feature.

When you can only upload three images it’s hard to choose just one soap bar.  I’m lucky, I was trained in Photo Shop and know how to use it well.  Because I have photo editing skills I’ve created a three image collage of my bar soaps and the same for my cupcakes soaps.  This allows me to show 6 pictures instead of just 2 and it gives the jury a great idea of what I do, the uniqueness and variety I offer.

It can be frustrating to not be selected, but give yourself the best chance by submitting awesome photos!  It’s worth all the extra time and effort.

These are my current submission photos:

Soap Bars

Cupcake Soaps

Sundae Soaps


3 Responses to Submitting Photos for Juried Craft Fairs

  1. Jenny says:

    Your photos look fantastic, and your soaps are beautiful! Great idea using a photo collage to showcase even more of your soaps. The sundae soap looks like the real thing. Best of luck with the craft show!

  2. Kerry says:

    Thanks for taking time to share your advice!

  3. They all look absolutely fabulous! I love the background you used because they really make the colors in the soap pop and become the center of the photo. Good luck!

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