Removing Soap from PVC

I’ve been doing a lot of embedding of soaps lately that I made in PVC pipe.  I’ve been asked quite often how I remove the soap from the pipe.  Here’s my trick:

First I let the soap cure for 48 hours in the tube.  It needs the longer cure time.  Then I preheat the oven to 200 and then leave my soap in there for 9-10 minutes.  If it’s a small diameter tube (3/4″) I usually do about 9 minutes.  If it’s a larger 1″-3″ tube I do ten minutes.  Then I have a couple different “objects” that will fit inside the diameter of the tube which I use to help push it out.”

You REALLY need to have something that will evenly distribute the pressure over the soap.  Or example: A pencil would fit in my small 3/4″ diameter tube, but it’s too think and just punches through the soap.  I create cardboard discs which I then wrap in a small bit of wax paper. That helps distribute the weight.

If you cook it too long it will get a little tacky…if you can’t get the soap out fairly easy then you haven’t cooked it long enough.  I’ve tried all sorts of ways.  Freezing has never worked for me.  The plastic bags (instead of PVC are cool and definitely easy to unmold, but they don’t work well for the really small diameters I find and you need a contraption of some sort to attach them to so they can hang.

I’ve also tried the oven at 170 which is what most everything you read says to do but I found that for some reason that temperature just never worked.  I had to leave the soap in the oven for a good long time.  Yes, sometimes the ends get a little melty-squished.  I always plan for that and know I’ll trim off a certain amount.  But for the most part this method works really well for me.


4 Responses to Removing Soap from PVC

  1. Cee says:

    That’s a great tip, I would have never thought to put it in the oven. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Really it’s a great tip to remove soil from PVC Pipe.

  3. I haven’t tried putting it in the oven- what a great idea! We like the rounds from the PVC but it is always an adventure to get it back out lol Haven’t liked the texture change from putting it in the freezer but now I will have to try the oven next time! Thanks so much for the idea.

  4. Janet says:

    I just line freezer paper in my PVC pipe and pour in the soap. I let it sit for about 24 hours and slip it right out.

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