Your advice?

I need your advice.  I screwed up a recipe.

It was originally:

    • Avocado Oil 18.2%
    • Coconut Oil 18.2%
    • Sunflower Oil 27.3%
    • Sweet Almond 27.3%
    • Palm 9.1%

It’s made with Goat’s Milk (in place of water) and fresh pumpkin puree.

Well, I screwed up and instead of adding the coconut I added palm twice.  So the new recipe was:

  • Avocado Oil 18.2%
  • Sunflower Oil 27.3%
  • Sweet Almond 27.3%
  • Palm 27.3%.

Ran it thru the lye calculator and the lye/water is the same as my original recipe.  So it’s not lye heavy and still usable.  My question.  With the extra palm and no coconut how do you think the properties of the bar will be?  It’s super hard and I know I’ll lack some lather…but I think with the other oils in it it shouldn’t be too drying and should still be ok.  Your thoughts.


4 Responses to Your advice?

  1. Alex says:

    The saponification values for coconut and palm are different but if you ran it through the lye calc and it turned out to be the same, I suggest you market the soap as just a low-sudsy soap for oily skin… palm oil will make your bars hard (as you already know 🙂 ) and could be a bit drying to the skin.

    Don’t sweat it. If it doesn’t workout, shred it and make laundry soap. That’s what I do with mine. Best of luck. Alex

  2. Erica says:

    Palm oil is not considered drying. It is actually mostly conditioning. The bar will be hard, the lather stable, and the soap conditioning. Coconut oil is drying, has a fluffy lather, and is cleansing. You should be fine with the double dose of palm provided your lye is correct, but you will probably notice a difference in the lather if it all.

  3. Jennifer says:

    The lye difference is very slight (like.2 oz.) so that’s why I think it will be okay. It solidified…isn’t oily. It’s super hard (a lot of palm will do that :D). And that’s why I thought it should still be good Erica 🙂 Since palm isn’t drying (like coconut). PH test is fine three days later…Just not sure if I want to grate it all up if it’s still a good bar. I have to go try my little sliver end piece and see how it goes. If not…laundry soap it will become 😀

  4. It should be fine since you’re saying it wasn’t lye heavy. I’d keep it as bars unless you are really are unhappy with the looks. Some customers prefer low or no-cocount options and why waste good soap? Unless you’re running low on laundry soap and want an excuse to cook again…. 🙂

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