Soap Fancies: Winter Themes

There are three winter themed soaps in this series.  I’ve had some ideas for other designs which I might or might not try but for now I’m really pleased with how the first two turned out.

Winter Berries
Simple and elegant.  I just love these.

These were harder to make than I thought they’d be.  Not quite perfect but still cute.  Fresh Snow fragrance = to die for (so clean and fresh smelling!)

Peppermint Candy

This one just didn’t work.  I was trying to make it look like a peppermint candy.  When that didn’t work I tried candy canes, but wasn’t really happy with them.  So I fooled around and just didn’t get anything I liked.  They smell YUMMY though!

That didn’t work so next came the candy canes:

Random…at this point I was frustrated ha!


3 Responses to Soap Fancies: Winter Themes

  1. Jenny says:

    All of the soaps are cute! I especially like the Winter Berries and Snowman soaps. Fresh Snow is one of my favorite FOs, too – I’m planning to make a soap using it soon.

  2. Oil&Butter says:

    Sooo cute, that little snowman steals my heart! I need to try Fresh Snow f.o., I’ve heard lots of good things about it!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks 🙂 I had fun with these. And you definitely have to try Fresh Snow! It’s sooooo nice!

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