Accidents Happen (and so does stupidity)

Sometimes I wonder where my brain goes…

Quite the impressive bandage huh?  That’s the result of six stitches and three hours in the emergency last night.  I can’t tell you how frustrated I am with myself right now.  I was cleaning up from making soap last night.  I ALWAYS unplug my stick blender, remove the bottom, and then start to clean the excess soap out of it.  Last night I picked it up (still plugged in and attached) and started to clean it and my hand went right to the button (as is habit when the stick blender is together) and yup you got it I pressed the button.

I won’t be making any soap for a week or so.  Or writing or doing much of anything that involves my right index finger.  I can’t tell you how mad I am at myself.  I’ve never been quite this stupid before and I still don’t know what I was thinking (or not) last night. SIGH!

PS: Typing without your right index finger is hard!


23 Responses to Accidents Happen (and so does stupidity)

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh no! Hoping for a quick recovery! That’s DEFINITELY no fun, and I always have a fear that I’ll do something similar with my own!

  2. Jenny says:

    Oh, my goodness! I’m so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. Sounds like it was quite an injury. Sometimes these sorts of things happen and I think we’ve all been there. Heal up soon!

  3. witchwaybeauty says:

    oh poor you, hope it doesn’t hurt to much, and it gets better soon

  4. Laura says:

    Oh no!! I always am secretly afraid this will happen to me, because I am a pretty ditzy person sometimes. Don’t be mad at yourself, accidents happen even to the most organized and thoughtful folks! Hope you heal up good 🙂

  5. Carmen says:

    That’s so easy to do! So sorry this happened to you…hope it heals quickly!!

  6. Erica says:

    Oh you poor thing. Don’t be mad at yourself, it’s hard to remember every step every time. Trust me, we all do these little mistakes. Thank goodness you are relatively OK, finger still attached, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂 Finger is sore today, but trying to take it easy (and not use it :)) so it heals fast!

  8. ack, that sounds gruesome (having flashbacks to the time my husband shredded his fingers along with the potatoes on the grater). So sorry that happened to you and hope you heal quickly. I know that if I didn’t have to physically unplug my s.b. to get it to the sink, I would have been right there with you. Hope you at least get a stellar batch of soap out of all this!

  9. Oh so sorry Jennifer. You were probably tired and just not thinking straight. Your finger is there, it will heal, you have lots of time left before the holidays so….. I am wishing you a speedy recovery. I sustained a massive flesh tear on my arm this summer and it lasted for a month. Couldn’t get into my pool for the whole month of August. This summer was sort of a waste for me so I can appreciate your problem.

  10. Cee says:

    I’m so sorry to read about your hand Jennifer, I hope it recovers quickly. Thanks for sharing this, It could easily happen to any one of us too no matter how careful we are, accidents happen.

  11. Oh my gosh, that just makes me cringe in sympathy pain! Others have said ti and I’m going to agree – you were probably just very tired. The brain can do some strange things when you’re tired. Sending you thoughts and prayers for a quick healing time so you can get back at the soaping again soon!

  12. Becca C. says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your hand. I did something similar and just got three stitches out of my hand today. Hope it heals soon!

  13. daisynatural says:

    Oh my goodness…that’s terrible! Speedy recovery!

  14. Ruth Esteves says:

    Ugh! I have to admit that I’ve done it. But was luckier than you. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Lesson learned, I’m sure. Speedy healing!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words. 😀

  16. Amy Warden says:

    Oh no!! I’ve feared doing the exact same thing many times!! I’ve certainly had my share of preventable accidents as well, so I know how that feels! Hope you heal up quickly 🙂

  17. Amy Warden says:

    Oh no!! I’ve feared the exact same thing many times!! I’ve certainly had my share of preventable accidents as well, so I know how that feels. Hope you heal up quickly!! 🙂

  18. Just saw this post- hope you’re healing well! We love our stick blenders and I’ve my share of close calls thanks to it. Glad your ok!

  19. Shannon says:

    Oh, dude – I did the exact same thing 1 month before you! Same finger, too. And I was working on red soap, and could barely tell what was soap and what was blood. I had 10 stitches and the ER’s wrap looked just like yours! It’s amusing because at the time, I was desperate to find *someone* else who had done it, and couldn’t; now that I’m trying to get a totally different soaping-related answer, I found this, Hahhaha.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m still recovering from the injury. It was bad. I’m now a bit paranoid about the stick blender and won’t go anywhere near the blame unless the whole thing is separated and unplugged! Guess sometimes you have to learn the lesson the hard way huh!

  20. Kris says:

    I did the same thing making pumpkin mouse. Nine stiches!!! The nerves are damaged, but it works. I hope you healed fast.

  21. Linda from NJ says:

    OMG!! I did this too! We all know better yet we do it. Left the dang thing plugged in and was putting the base under the faucet to clean it and accidently hit the button while my fingers were in with the blade. I’m very careful about everything when soaping and can’t believe I did something as dumb as that. A trip to emergency for stitches too. I can’t believe how many other people I’m seeing on this board that did it too. LOL.

  22. Kerrie Kelly says:

    Hi, I did this too, its been over a year now and although healed well, i no longer have sensation in part of my finger, but i’ve learned to live with it. good to know i’m not the only one that did this. its a night my daughters wont forget in a hurry!

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