Jennifer’s Handmade Soap: The Webpage!

I am happy to (finally) present to you: Jennifer’s Handmade Soap Online Store!!! It’s finally here!

After months of prep work and hours and hours of programming work the webpage has become a reality and I am so happy with it. I HUGE thank you goes out to my Aunt who did the set up/programing for it all. I’d never have anything this nice if I’d had to figured it all out on my own!  Still a few minor things we’re working on, but overall it looks great!

All of this started back in January of this year! I had this initial idea for a webpage.  My aunt had me take the sketch and set it up in Photoshop with the design I wanted.  So, I went to work (with the help of my best friend) creating the image I had in my head.  This was what we ended up with in that initial design phase:

The Store Page:

An individual Item Page:

These were just guides.  We knew they’d change.  But the initial concept is what I wanted to keep The horizontal top with my logo, the wave, and the horizontal link bar.  As you can see changes were made from this initial design.  I LOVE how it ended up.  The design elements I was going for are there in the design still.  It’s clean and simple and easy to use and navigate.  The images look good. The text display I think works well.  Yes overall I’m really really happy!

I hope you enjoy the new store!

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2 Responses to Jennifer’s Handmade Soap: The Webpage!

  1. Jenny says:

    Congratulations on the website, Jennifer! It looks great. I wish you much success!

  2. Erica says:

    Beautiful website! Your aunt, best friend and you all did a great job!

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