Favorite Christmas Songs: #5

November 27, 2012

And here we go Jennifer’s countdown to her favorite Christmas songs!  Join me and share your favorite Christmas songs with me!  And don’t forget.  At the end of each post you’ll find a coupon code for a new deal each week of December.  They can all be applied Jennifer’s Handmade Soap.

Traditional #5: Little Drummer Boy, Celtic Women
There are so many versions of this song that I like it’s hard to pick out my favorite.

Nontraditional #5: Eyes of a Child, Air Supply
Another one from Air Supply. I first heard this song years ago and just fell in love with it. It’s on their Christmas album.

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Black Friday: 20% OFF

November 23, 2012

I love Christmas time.  Love the traditions, the songs, love church time during advent, love spending time with family…I just love this time of year.  I thought it would be fun to share my favorite traditional and nontraditional Christmas songs with you over the next month.  And with the songs offer a new discount at my store each week!

I’m going to start this week with my “runner ups.” Then next week I’ll start counting up from five and Christmas week I’ll end with my favorite holiday song.  I invite you to share your own favorite as well!

Traditional Runner Up: Go Tell it on the Mountain, Anne Murray

(Anne Murray’s Mary’s Boy Child was a really close runner up too!)

Nontraditional Runner Up: Love is All, Air Supply

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Jennifer’s Handmade Soap

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing day!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the start of a weekly series of special discount deals over at Jennifer’s Handmade Soap!

CP & MP Soap

November 9, 2012

This little post is for Amy over at Great Cakes Soapworks and her mini challenge to combine MP and CP soap.

I do make two soaps that are a mix of CP and MP soap…probably not how most people imagined mixing them. I embed MP pieces on top of a CP loaf. My Black Raspberry and Vanilla soap and my Strawberries and Champagne soap I embed raspberries and strawberries on top. I used to make them in CP but I have only one mold for these embeds and I was having to make the embeds over a whole week of soap making to gt enough to embed. It wasn’t working well…that’s when I decided to try making them with MP soap and see how they worked. I must say it worked like a charm. I love these soaps. They’re different and mimic their name and I constantly get compliments on them. I just restocked on them as I’m running low. Here they are:

(I apologize for the bad pictures…the light was awful.)

The last of the summer soaps…

November 5, 2012

I used to love facebook.  It was a great way to share pictures of my current soaps and just keep fans updated with what was going on.  My “like” of facebook has dropped drastically over the past  couple months.  I refuse to pay to “promote” my posts and I’ve found that as a result fewer people see what I post.  And if you can believe the statistics they post with each post I’ve seen a reoccurring pattern of posts where I post “links” to my blog or webpage get seen by much fewer people than just regular posts.

That said I’m going to focus more of my energy on my webpage (HERE!) and blog.  I’ve also started a monthly newsletter (November’s issue will be out shortly).  I feel my energies will be better rewarded on these than facebook.  Not that I’ll stop using FB.  So you’ll still be able to find pictures and updates there!

Today’s news is to let you know that what’s left of my summer/early fall soaps are all a $1 off!  A couple of these will come back next year, but for most once they’re gone they’re gone!  A couple of these soaps I’m down to the last couple ones too!

On sale:

  • blackberry bling
  • blackberry-sage
  • peach pie
  • cherry pie
  • blueberry
  • pineapple cilantro
  • strawberry-rhubarb
  • fresh bamboo

Find them here: Jennifer’s Handmade Soap

Experiment 3: Embeds

November 1, 2012

I love embeds so I knew right off that this mold would be fun to play around with embeds with. I have a winter fragrance I adore: Holiday Berry.  I thought it would be neat to see if I could create that three berries and two leaves idea that I did in the original design soap:

It worked…sort of 🙂

I have some very abstract pieces.  Down at the bottom it didn’t hold together.  The pieces kind of drifted a part.  It was still fun to make and I’ll definitely be trying other embeds with it in the future!

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