The last of the summer soaps…

I used to love facebook.  It was a great way to share pictures of my current soaps and just keep fans updated with what was going on.  My “like” of facebook has dropped drastically over the past  couple months.  I refuse to pay to “promote” my posts and I’ve found that as a result fewer people see what I post.  And if you can believe the statistics they post with each post I’ve seen a reoccurring pattern of posts where I post “links” to my blog or webpage get seen by much fewer people than just regular posts.

That said I’m going to focus more of my energy on my webpage (HERE!) and blog.  I’ve also started a monthly newsletter (November’s issue will be out shortly).  I feel my energies will be better rewarded on these than facebook.  Not that I’ll stop using FB.  So you’ll still be able to find pictures and updates there!

Today’s news is to let you know that what’s left of my summer/early fall soaps are all a $1 off!  A couple of these will come back next year, but for most once they’re gone they’re gone!  A couple of these soaps I’m down to the last couple ones too!

On sale:

  • blackberry bling
  • blackberry-sage
  • peach pie
  • cherry pie
  • blueberry
  • pineapple cilantro
  • strawberry-rhubarb
  • fresh bamboo

Find them here: Jennifer’s Handmade Soap


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