Favorite Christmas Songs: #5

And here we go Jennifer’s countdown to her favorite Christmas songs!  Join me and share your favorite Christmas songs with me!  And don’t forget.  At the end of each post you’ll find a coupon code for a new deal each week of December.  They can all be applied Jennifer’s Handmade Soap.

Traditional #5: Little Drummer Boy, Celtic Women
There are so many versions of this song that I like it’s hard to pick out my favorite.

Nontraditional #5: Eyes of a Child, Air Supply
Another one from Air Supply. I first heard this song years ago and just fell in love with it. It’s on their Christmas album.

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2 Responses to Favorite Christmas Songs: #5

  1. Laura says:

    Little Drummer Boy has always been my mom’s favorite. 🙂

    Funny you post this today. We are actually going to a Sufjan Stevens Christmas sing-along concert tonight, and we’re really excited! He has TWO FIVE-DISC Christmas albums, haha. Lots of traditional tunes and hymns and beautiful original songs. If you are a lover of holiday music, you should give em a try.

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