Teaming Up!

February 28, 2013

Lip Balm Photos

February 25, 2013

My best friend has been taking photos of my products. I can do okay photos, but she’s the photographer!  I love how these lip balm photos came out!



You can find my lip balms here!


February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to my little sis!  She’s 28 today!  Do you know how old that makes me feel!! 😀

This is just for you!  A little bit a Woody on your special day 🙂


Honey & Lemon

February 21, 2013

All natural Honey and Lemon soap: powder goat’s milk, honey, honey powder, lime powder fruit extract, and lemon essential oil.  I love the smell of this soap: tartness of lemon and the slight sweetness of honey.  And it’s 100% all natural!

What is Honey Powder: Honey Powder is natural honey that has been spray dried into a fine white powder. Honey is reputed to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat a variety of ailments such as cuts, wounds and burns. Its antiseptic properties inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and help to keep external wounds clean and free from infection. As such Honey Powder can be used as part of balms or healing salve.  Honey Powder is said to have anti-aging properties. Honey is a humectant, having the ability attract and retain moisture, and to rebuild the moisture level in the skin without making it oily. Therefore, it can be used as a skin softener and in anti-aging products.

What is lime powder fruit extract: Lime Powder is a natural source of coloring and has a sharp, citrus scent that is cleansing and invigorating.

Then in going with the “honey” theme I did a honeycomb pattern on the top and the bottom. I really do like the simplicity of this.

honey-lemon (4)

Garden Soaps

February 18, 2013

I sell some of my soaps in a garden shop.  So last year I made some “garden soaps.”  I used one of my more nourishing recipes and I added either pumice or coffee grounds.  They went over really well so this year I’m making more.

I had received two free 2oz samples a while back.  I had intentionally picked them thinking they be good for the garden soaps.  Then I’d also picked up sage & lemongrass specifically for a garden soap.  I like the earthiness of these scents.

Sweet Rain: Clean and crisp, this sweet floral rain scent is a blend of peonies, fresh green, tulip, hydrangea and cyclomen highlighted by fresh ozonic spring air.

sweet-rain (4)

I used pumice in this soap.  I like the pumice.  It’s not as rough to me, but it still gives you that extra exfoliant.

Jungle Love: Zesty citron fruit and deep rosewood blend perfectly with wild green willows for this rainforest jungle aroma.

jungle-love (3)

jungle-love (9)

This fragrance accelerate the trace big time!  I’m surprised at how this came out cause I thought I might have a disaster on my hands.  The fragrance had a really yellow color and I was sure my white would turn yellow, but as it went through the gel phase it just got whiter!  This soap has pumice in it for a little extra help to get that dirt off your hands.

Sage & Lemongrass: Tall grasses and soft sage combine to make the perfect out door fragrance.

sage-lemongrass (3)

I used coffee grounds in this soap for a bit more grainy exfoliant.  The bright yellow and green were to remind me of what spring will hold!  Right now it’s all pretty much brown outside…and white when the snow comes.  I’m so ready for spring to make an appearance!

Look for this soaps in my store come mid March.

Island Orchard

February 14, 2013

Here’s the last of the Easter Soaps: Island Orchard.  I figured I’ve got a nice mix between the Violet Bouquet, Honeysuckle Hollow and this one.  The first two are floral scents so I went with a fruity one for the last soap.  I also experimented with the zebra swirl.  The first couple attempts I wasn’t happy with but this one I think its fun!  I went with yellow and pink…I love those two colors together and I think this soap turned out cute!

Island Orchard: Sweet, juicy peach with notes of pineapple, banana and exotic orchid.

island-orchard (8)

Island Orchard will be available in my store the second week of March!  Look for it at

Honeysuckle Hollow

February 12, 2013

I did this soap to be part of my Easter collection…oh my word if you like strong scents this is the one for you.  A review I read said this was super strong and stuck in CP soap.  They weren’t lying.  I used only 3oz of fragrance for a 5lb batch and my entire house smells like honeysuckle.  If you like strong this is the soap for you.

Honeysuckle Hollow: Enticing accords of spice rose blanket the warm blossoms of sun-kissed honeysuckle. Sensually sweet jasmine completes this beautiful floral fragrance.

The inspiration for this soap was this picture.  The fragrance was pretty yellow.  Usually this pink mica and yellow fragrances work well and this one did (Yay! I was a little worried at first.)

tartarian honeysuckle

honeysuckle (15)

honeysuckle (17)