Green Tea & Cucumber

Green Tea & Cucumber was tied with the most votes on the poll I posted a few weeks back.  I am in love with this soap.  I wanted something that popped.  I’ve made this soap in the past with the same design, but I used a lighter gray and pink.  It was pretty, but I decided to try bolder colors this time.  The pictures don’t do this soap justice.  The pink and gray were meant to go together and the white balances it all out.  And it smells good too!

Green Tea & Cucumber: Garden fresh cucumber blends with natural green tea to create a light and refreshing – therapeutic scent.

Green Tea (3)

Green Tea (1)

These will be list in the store the second week of March.


5 Responses to Green Tea & Cucumber

  1. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous swirls, Jennifer! I love the red, white, and black together.

  2. mac152013 says:

    Wow! Very pretty!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Very pretty! Will be making a spring order soon…

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