Garden Soaps

I sell some of my soaps in a garden shop.  So last year I made some “garden soaps.”  I used one of my more nourishing recipes and I added either pumice or coffee grounds.  They went over really well so this year I’m making more.

I had received two free 2oz samples a while back.  I had intentionally picked them thinking they be good for the garden soaps.  Then I’d also picked up sage & lemongrass specifically for a garden soap.  I like the earthiness of these scents.

Sweet Rain: Clean and crisp, this sweet floral rain scent is a blend of peonies, fresh green, tulip, hydrangea and cyclomen highlighted by fresh ozonic spring air.

sweet-rain (4)

I used pumice in this soap.  I like the pumice.  It’s not as rough to me, but it still gives you that extra exfoliant.

Jungle Love: Zesty citron fruit and deep rosewood blend perfectly with wild green willows for this rainforest jungle aroma.

jungle-love (3)

jungle-love (9)

This fragrance accelerate the trace big time!  I’m surprised at how this came out cause I thought I might have a disaster on my hands.  The fragrance had a really yellow color and I was sure my white would turn yellow, but as it went through the gel phase it just got whiter!  This soap has pumice in it for a little extra help to get that dirt off your hands.

Sage & Lemongrass: Tall grasses and soft sage combine to make the perfect out door fragrance.

sage-lemongrass (3)

I used coffee grounds in this soap for a bit more grainy exfoliant.  The bright yellow and green were to remind me of what spring will hold!  Right now it’s all pretty much brown outside…and white when the snow comes.  I’m so ready for spring to make an appearance!

Look for this soaps in my store come mid March.

9 Responses to Garden Soaps

  1. mijnzeep1 says:

    They are all beautiful! Difficult to choose one I like more!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks Natalia 😀 I love them all too, but anything with green in it and I usually love it (always had a thing for green :D)

  2. mac152013 says:

    It’s so much fun looking at your creations!

  3. Chrissy says:

    I really like the sage and lemongrass idea – I’m sure it’s a lovely scent, and these will probably be big hits in your garden store! It’s fun to think about color and flowers when the weather is so drab and gross, isn’t it? I personally can’t wait for all this snow to start melting…

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah 😀 These were made mostly for a garden store I sell in (though I’ll keep some to myself). They went over well last year so I’m excited about this year. And I can’t wait for spring to get here! So done with the snow!

  4. These are all perfect for a garden shop and I bet you they will sell out so fast! =)

  5. Jenny says:

    Beautiful, Jennifer! They are all gorgeous, and I especially like the Jungle Love. These soaps look perfect for a garden shop!

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