When I’m not making soap…

Or teaching…I’m writing. (Or in my case for the past couple months plotting).  The plotting is finally done! I typically write Middle Grade novels, but I needed a break from them after I finished my last novel.  I went back to a science fiction idea I had when I first started writing. I loved the concept and characters, but the original story sucked (that’s putting it nicely).  I decided to pull it out, do some world building, and completely replot the story.

(Side note: You’ve probably figured this post has nothing to do with soap this time 😀 Every now and then I need to mix it up!)

The novel always kind of (in my eyes) had two parts.  So I worked on the first part all of last year and got it well started (still has issues that need resolving, but the story is there).  I’d been putting off plotting out the second part because there was so much stuff I had “vague” ideas on but hadn’t figured out how to really make it work. Well I’ve finally finished the plotting!  Adult science fiction is much more complicated than Middle Grade fiction…and I (to keep everything straight) created a story board.

I won’t show you the initial notes I started with plotting. They’re a mess.  But I eventually got things figured out in the first run of a story board:

initial part2

The first squares are really detailed…towards the end it’s just the main idea of what needs to happen in each scene…the details will come later…too much will change as I write the earlier scenes to really plot out too much right now.


Once the above is done I create new squares that have each scene I’ll be writing.  You can see the right hand side of the sheets are all blank.  Those will get filled out as I start writing and figuring out the details.  They’ll eventually look like this: (my part 1 story board)


And then there are all the small notes that ended up on index cards or other scraps of paper for scenes, dialogue, description, character motivation…you name it…that I need to organize with the scenes and work in:


But, all the above means I’m ready to start writing!  Part 2 here I come.  I can’t wait to write it.  Especially since I’ve figured out what’s going to happen, what the characters need to experience, how they need to grow and change, and just how to work in the many intricacies a science fiction novel needs to have!  So I say: Bring it on!

2 Responses to When I’m not making soap…

  1. mijnzeep1 says:

    Nice to know you better, Jennifer!

  2. You. Are. Awesome.

    Look at all that work that goes into writing for you! When you complete this novel, I wanna read it. Stephen King says he does his “plotting” in the shower or while he’s walking, and that it’s the most important part of the process for him. Just thinking about the story. And story is the most important part because it guides all the character development, flow, etc.

    And stories are good. We are never too old for a good yarn.

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