Wool Roving

As you know I’ve recently ventured into making dryer balls…I actually really like making them.  I’ve been experimenting with different wools and colors and I’ve discovered I really like wool roving (instead of wool yarn)!  I’m getting some really nice dryer balls!

I bought my first batch of wool roving on ETSY a while back (when I was going to try felting my soap) so I decided do go back there to do a search for more. I was looking for some nice colored wool.  I finally settled on IndigoCrane because I loved the bold colors she offered.  Check her out here: https://www.etsy.com/people/indigocranefiber

Oh my word! Her wool is GORGEOUS.  I almost don’t want to felt it it’s so silky smooth and just delightful to touch.  But even more than that the colors are AMAZING!  So bold and just down right beautiful.






2 Responses to Wool Roving

  1. LuAnn R says:

    Just out of curiosity, what is a dryer ball? Hopefully that’s not a silly question! Thank you for the link, I have been wanting to felt some of my ugly soaps, but wasn’t sure exactly where to look! 🙂

    • The Damsels says:

      Dryer balls replace dryer sheets. They’re a great eco friendly and money saving option! I have a post about my dryer ball ventures scheduled for Friday where I explain it more and show pics 😀 Jennifer

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