DOS Dilemma…

Dreaded Orange Spots or more commonly known as DOS.  I’ve got a dilemma.  I’ve noticed a weird pattern about DOS.  I’ve had one soap (actually a recipe) that I’ve had DOS problems with. I realized early on that it just wasn’t a good recipe to use and ditched it.  Since then the only time I’ve had problems with DOS are when two conditions occur:

  1. I used titanium dioxide to color my soap
  2. I use glitter on top

When this first happened I notice DOS around the top of my soap that I’d sprinkled with (body safe) glitter.  It was only on the top and only where there was glitter.  It was really strange. None of my other bars that used a mica (or other colorant) and that had glitter on top ever had this problem.

I started paying attention to it and making notes once it happened a second time.  Sure enough cupcakes I made with TD and glitter would see some DOS spots.  Soaps that were made with TD and glitter also would see some spots (ONLY on top where the glitter was).

I kept some of the bars and watched what would happen to them over time and DOS never occurred anywhere else.

So is it DOS? Sure looks like it.

Why though does it just affect the spot where there’s glitter?  And why just when it’s soap colored with TD?

I’m baffled by this.  Is there away around it? I really like glitter on top of my soaps and cupcakes, but I’ve started using less or not using TD to color soaps.  It’s a pain though because sometimes a design needs white and sometimes glitter really does add a nice finishing touch.  Ultimately I’ve pretty much stopped using glitter and I’ve (so far) not had any problems.

So to all you other soapmakers out there.  Any thoughts? Suggestions? Has this happened to you?  I swear it’s DOS but not your typical DOS.  I’ve kept soap for a year and NO DOS has formed anywhere else BUT on the top of the soap (and it’s minimal at that).

Strawberries & Champagne: I contrasted this soap so the DOS really stands out…its not quite this bold, but wanted you to see.  I’ve considered my oils being a possible problem (since I used avocado and apricot oil and they have a shorter shelf life), but I’ve had this soap for a year now (I’ve been holding on to it watching the process) and the ONLY place the DOS is on the top where the glitter is.


Mini Cupcakes: I had some that were a white base and colored top and others that were a colored base and white top–with glitter.  The only ones that are having problems are the white topped ones with glitter…




8 Responses to DOS Dilemma…

  1. Ray H. says:

    Have you tried another brand of either the TD or Glitter ?? Maybe a different country of origin ??

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah I have. I’m more thinking it might be the FO with the combination. Either way I’m pretty sure it’s not really DOS.

  2. Cee says:

    The fact that it only occurs on the tops is very suspicious, although I have heard of poppy seeds doing this also. That would be my suggestion too, trying a different container of glitter and TD, but I see that you did use different types of glitter. It’s very odd (and must be frustrating!)….I hope you get some good suggestions and helpful comments here!

  3. I haven’t heard of glitter or TD causing DOS but now I’m curious. I’ll let you know if I dig up anything on it! I’ve learned to live with ash showing up on soap but still dread DOS. Such a bummer!

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah it’s the only time…and it’s been with FO that heat up some that don’t, cupcakes, soaps…But the reoccurring them is TD and glitter. I’ve pretty much moved away from glitter on the soap and am seeing what happens 😀

  4. Jenny says:

    I think it’s the glitter. I don’t use glitter much, but I made a soap last year and after a couple of weeks I noticed that it had some tiny, faint yellowish-orange spots on top. I did color the tops with TD, but I’ve never noticed a problem with orange spots and TD in the absence of glitter. At first, I thought it was DOS, but thought it strange that it occurred only on the tops, and only on the bars that had glitter on them. The spots weren’t everywhere – just here and there. Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks wrote a post about glitter and DOS a while back, if you want to check that out. I’m not sure what causes this, but maybe the heat reacts with the material in the glitter or something like that. I wonder if popping the soaps in the fridge to avoid gel phase would help?

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