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This article was shared on a crafty board I participate in and it just struck a cord with me.  It’s a short easy read and worth the time!  I especially love #6: Collaborate.  It’s part of what I love about the soap community we all share.  I swear it feeds us all and makes us all better and willing to darn new things!

Take a read!  It’s worth it!  12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People

One Response to Article Share!

  1. Ray H. says:

    I like this, and it’s so true…All of them. I guess that if you can’t see it in yourself, then you may not be creative. So many thoughts flying through my head aftr writting that, I should be ashamed of myself. lmao !! I’m going to save it and repost after I get my new computer set up. C’ya

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