Army (West Point) Themed Soaps: Part 2

Continuation from yesterday!  I did two other soaps for West Point.  One was a take on my (what’s turned out to be really popular) Embedded Heart Soaps.  The other was a simple and clean soap with a mica top that I then stamped “Army Themed” stamps into. I have to say I love these, especially the “Go Army, Beat Navy!”

Embedded Heart West Point Themed Soap:

yuzu army (13)

yuzu army (7)

Stamped West Point Themed Soaps: So these didn’t work out.  The fragrance I used (coconut shavings) darkened this soap way too much.  I ended up stamping them with my logo, but the rubber stamps dipped in mica just weren’t looking good on this one.

coconut (6)

I had to restock my Cedar & Saffron.  I’ve done the same technique/colors with this soap for a while. This time I changed up a color though and man when I cut it it made me think Army Camouflage 😀

cedar saffron (3)

And there you have it, my Army themed soaps.  I really like them.  I’m hoping West Point does too.  Because this Army Brat would be tickled pink to have her soaps featured in their gift shop!


6 Responses to Army (West Point) Themed Soaps: Part 2

  1. Love your camo soaps too! It would be awesome if you could get yours into their shop!

  2. Andee says:

    These are some awesome soaps! I hope your soaps get featured in the gift shop!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. Cee says:

    Good luck, all of your Army soaps are fantastic!

  5. You did a fabulous job on the Army-themed soaps and I’m crossing my fingers for you to get them in the shop! 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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