Getting those hearts OUT of the mold!

July 31, 2013

Remember my “Embedded Heart Tutorial“?  Well I’ve had a couple people say they can’t get the hearts out of the mold in one piece.  They ARE HARD to get out.  I tell you it’s my least favorite part of making these soaps.  Here’s some tips and tricks to help you.

1. FREEZE the soap!  Keep it in there for 30min to an hour (longer is ok).  If you have multiple molds you’re going to be unmolding just take one out at a time.  You’ll notice that condensation will form right away on the mold (if it’s summer).  Take a paper towel and wipe that off.

1 condensation(not sure if you can see the condensation on the mold here, but wipe it off or it’ll be near impossible to get your hands to hold on tight enough to push the heart out.)

2. Next you’re going to have to push the heart soap up at least 3/4 of the way.  It’s not fun and it’s not easy and your wrist will get a work out and a half.  Your fingers will be sore!  It is possible to do this though.  If the bottoms are deforming put it in the freezer longer.

I can’t stress here that you REALLY REALLY REALLY need a recipe that is going to produce a harder bar (immediately).  I use a recipe where about 3/4 of the oils/butters are solids.  (See the original tutorial for the recipe).

2- push three quarter

3. Once you’ve got it mostly out using a paper towel wrap it around the heart and “gently” pull it out of the mold.

Side Note: If you have the original “pink” mold it’s much easier to get the soaps out of this mold than the new white ones.  The white ones are so much stiffer. You have to work harder but you can do all these steps and still get the soap out.

3- paper towel

4.  You’ll be (most likely) left with the mold inside out.  That’s fine. It’s not going to hurt it. Just push it back in when you’re done.

4- reverse mold

It can be done!  It’s not an easy process though.


Craft Fairs are always more fun with a friend!

July 29, 2013

A couple weeks ago a friend and I carpooled down to Falmouth (2 hours away) for an event on the cape.  This involved getting up at 4:30AM getting to her house by 5:30…loading my parents van (minus three of its seats)…and then driving down (thankfully against rush hour traffic–the event was on Wednesday) to Falmouth.

The drive seemed to fly by with someone to talk to!  And oh it was so much fun fitting all of our stuff in one car.  Two tents…four tables…all our product and display items…tent weights 😀  But we made it all fit!

car load (1)

And there was getting back to he place at 9PM…after a very long day.  I missed taking out her garbage cans by millimeters as I backed into her driveway to unload her items!

car load (2)

Yup I was a tired girl.  But we got a good laugh over it and it was a fun day made more so by having a friend with me 😀  We’ve got another “carpool” event coming up in September as we head up to the middle of nowhere (or so it feels) New Hampshire 😀

Proud Teacher Moment :)

July 17, 2013

A couple months ago I held an intermediate soap class.  Debbie came to the class and learned how to do an in the pot swirl.  She send me cut pics of her soap and then of other soaps she’s tried since on her own.  Aren’t they gorgeous.

Pink & Purple in the Pot Swirl (we used Plum Tea and it set up a bit fast on us as I was explaining things, but it’s still really pretty!)


This is her Sunshine soap with Calendula


And her Pumpkin Goat’s Milk



July 15, 2013

I like hot…I really do…but there’s a point where hot is too hot!  Especially when I have to be outside at markets this week and the predicted low is 92 for the week (which was yesterday).

Yesterday I dealt with a 92 high.

Tuesday a 93 high.  But wait it gets better!!!

Thursday 95 DEGREES!  Seriously?  Lip balms, body butters…I think it’s safe to say those are staying home this week. 🙂


“Oye Moment”

July 12, 2013

I buy my coconut oil in a 50lb tub.  In the summer it melts (and is a pain in my backside).  So I transfer it into Bramble Berry’s 7lb plastic bags.  LOVE THEM!  Makes it so much easier.  No mess (once I get the coconut oil into them).

Well was working on that and I kept telling myself DO NOT SET THE LADLE DOWN!  It will sink into the full tub of coconut oil. I was practically chanting this to myself because I swear I just had this premonition I was going to do it.

Well the funnel slipped on one of the bags and a little coconut spilled out and what do I do?  Panic, drop the ladle (into the coconut oil) and grab the funnel.  Down it went.  OYE!

coconut oil

Mantra Swirl (sort of…)

July 10, 2013

I’ve done the mantra swirl before. I’m not a big fan of it simply because of the set up of having three dividers…  I know I find three dividers more work than embeds 😀  …what can I say.  This time I restocked on my Berrywine & Mint.  I did two colors in berrywine and one color in mint…the berrywine set up fast and the mint stayed liquid as liquid can be.  This is not a good combination for creating a mantra swirl!

The colors are pretty and it smells good! But it’s not really what I’d call a mantra swirl.

(Sorry for the not great pics.  Had to take them at night.  Life is crazy and I barely have time to keep up with blog posts these days!)





Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!


Looking for a great summer soap check out Pink Lemonade!  It’s festive and smells absolutely amazing!  A mix of cherry and raspberry lemonade–you won’t be disappointed with this soap!

flag (14)