“Oye Moment”

I buy my coconut oil in a 50lb tub.  In the summer it melts (and is a pain in my backside).  So I transfer it into Bramble Berry’s 7lb plastic bags.  LOVE THEM!  Makes it so much easier.  No mess (once I get the coconut oil into them).

Well was working on that and I kept telling myself DO NOT SET THE LADLE DOWN!  It will sink into the full tub of coconut oil. I was practically chanting this to myself because I swear I just had this premonition I was going to do it.

Well the funnel slipped on one of the bags and a little coconut spilled out and what do I do?  Panic, drop the ladle (into the coconut oil) and grab the funnel.  Down it went.  OYE!

coconut oil


4 Responses to “Oye Moment”

  1. mac152013 says:

    Lol…time to buy a second ladle…

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Oops! These sort of things happened to all of us, don’t feel too bad! =)

  3. Oops! Little tip: the best way to remember something is to tell yourself what to do, instead of what not to do. It’s easier on the brain because it has problems with the word “not”. Better luck next time 🙂 Marieke

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