I like hot…I really do…but there’s a point where hot is too hot!  Especially when I have to be outside at markets this week and the predicted low is 92 for the week (which was yesterday).

Yesterday I dealt with a 92 high.

Tuesday a 93 high.  But wait it gets better!!!

Thursday 95 DEGREES!  Seriously?  Lip balms, body butters…I think it’s safe to say those are staying home this week. 🙂



3 Responses to Heat…

  1. LOL I would love to have those temps. That’s actually cool for here. We’ve been having 110 heat waves. We only just got a break from it this weekend when it was in the upper 90 range. I haven’t done a show this supper partly because it’s been so hot and there’s no way I could be out there in it with my baby.

  2. Raymond Holt says:

    I’ll trade you, 106* its been up and down from there. I have had to put all my butters and some oils in the fridge and we run the a/c all day trying to keep the house at 74*. Right now I would welcome 92* its so warm at night that it is hard to get a good nights sleep, for me this is critical being disabled its part of a pain management system to get 8-9 hrs of quality sleep.
    I agree Jennifer its too much. However if history repeats itself we’ll have a cold productive winter…Yeah !!
    Maybe you can get a cooler with some dry ice near the top, this should keep your product cool. C’ya

  3. LuAnn says:

    The heat totally sucks for outdoor markets! I’m in Idaho, and it has been ridiculously HOT!! Two weeks ago our temps were 99 clear up to 113 for the week! Our markets are on Saturdays, last one was 94, the one before that was 104. I started taking a cooler, and I rotate my lip balms and lotion bars, I haven’t had any melt yet! Just an idea for you!!

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