Proud Teacher Moment :)

A couple months ago I held an intermediate soap class.  Debbie came to the class and learned how to do an in the pot swirl.  She send me cut pics of her soap and then of other soaps she’s tried since on her own.  Aren’t they gorgeous.

Pink & Purple in the Pot Swirl (we used Plum Tea and it set up a bit fast on us as I was explaining things, but it’s still really pretty!)


This is her Sunshine soap with Calendula


And her Pumpkin Goat’s Milk



5 Responses to Proud Teacher Moment :)

  1. Doesn’t that feel great? I am so glad that you were able to help pass some of your knowledge onto another soaper. =)

    • Debbie says:

      Anne-Marie! You’ve been a great inspiration! I found all your websites a little over a year ago and have learned so much from you too! Thank you for all your tutorials, wealth of information and great products from Brambleberry! Jennifer & I were just talking about you yesterday and how great you are! Congratulations on Lily and thanks for sharing your life with us!
      Keep up the great work – we so appreciate it! : )

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks Jennifer! You gave me a lot of confidence to try this on my own! You’re a great teacher! : )

  3. LuAnn says:

    They are beautiful!! I love the idea of a pumpkin goat’s milk soap! 🙂

  4. Cee says:

    How fun and rewarding…she did a fantastic job! My favorite is the Sunshine Soap, love that combination of speckles and swirls…so pretty!

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