Craft Fairs are always more fun with a friend!

A couple weeks ago a friend and I carpooled down to Falmouth (2 hours away) for an event on the cape.  This involved getting up at 4:30AM getting to her house by 5:30…loading my parents van (minus three of its seats)…and then driving down (thankfully against rush hour traffic–the event was on Wednesday) to Falmouth.

The drive seemed to fly by with someone to talk to!  And oh it was so much fun fitting all of our stuff in one car.  Two tents…four tables…all our product and display items…tent weights 😀  But we made it all fit!

car load (1)

And there was getting back to he place at 9PM…after a very long day.  I missed taking out her garbage cans by millimeters as I backed into her driveway to unload her items!

car load (2)

Yup I was a tired girl.  But we got a good laugh over it and it was a fun day made more so by having a friend with me 😀  We’ve got another “carpool” event coming up in September as we head up to the middle of nowhere (or so it feels) New Hampshire 😀


2 Responses to Craft Fairs are always more fun with a friend!

  1. Sly says:

    Jennifer: Great story! I love your soaps (I’m a new soaper, still learning.) Where & when in NH are you going to be? I have a pen pal of 25? years who lives in Sommerworth (near Dover, northeast of Manchester). She has been my “tester” and I’m sure she would love to try your soaps. (I live in Denver, too far to go to your craft fair!) Best, Sly

  2. It looks like you had so much fun, fairs with friends are the best! =)

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