Facial Cream

August 30, 2013

A while back I started playing around with some new items I wanted to add to my line.  I’m not a fan of lotions. I don’t like making them and not really a huge fan of using them.  I think it’s more the dealing with preservatives in them (which I don’t have issues with preservatives, I know that most are perfectly safe, but I just wanted something that I could make and use for myself that didn’t have preservatives in them).

I started with a whipped body butter about a year ago.  I started with a recipe the Bramble Berry shared and slowly started altering it a bit to change up some of the ingredients and just reformulating it to have more of the ingredients I loved in it.

Recently I wanted a facial cream.  So I went back to the drawing board and created a couple of recipes.  I’ve been testing them out and the Avocado Facial Cream I created has been a complete success. Everyone who’s tried it has loved it.

facial butter (5)

I have dry skin and this has made all the difference in the world.  I put it on in the morning and evening.  And I find my skin stays moisturized throughout the day (where normally I dry out by noon when I just used a lotion).  It is a “butter.”  It’s just oils and butters so it is a bit greasy, but it absorbs in fairly quickly and little bit goes a long way.

These are some of the feedback I got:

My skin type is dry.  The first time I used the facial cream I noticed my face felt greasy.  The second time I used it I used less and my face did not feel greasy.  All I had to use was a very small amount.  It made my face feel soft and smooth.  I used it at night after washing my face and in the morning after washing my face.  I have not experienced any breakouts since using the cream.  And I will continue to use it, because it makes my face feel good and helps with my dry skin. – Jessica

I liked both facial creams.  I used the avocado one during the day and the night time one at night :).   I liked the feel of both of them.  The night one I would use as soon as I got out of the shower in the evening and sometimes even with the face still a bit wet.    I used both every day and still am.  I have dry skin and have had no break outs from using it.  – Jan

I excited to add this to my line of Bath and Body products!  It doesn’t like the heat of the summer (no beeswax in it) so look for it to come sometime in Fall (probably late September).


Seeing Animals in My Soap!

August 22, 2013

Sometimes I feel that soap making can be like watching the clouds.  I used to always try and find shapes and animals and other objects in the swirl of the clouds.  This latest batch of Fresh Snow soap I felt like a kid again finding animals in every slice of soap!

Bat/Bird (depending on how I look at this one I see multiple animals):


Pumba (Remember Pumba from the Lion King?  I swear I see him in this soap!):


Dragon (This one is my favorite!):


There you have it animals in soap!  Do you see them too?


More efficient work space…

August 20, 2013

I finally sacrificed my dining room to create a more efficient work space for myself.  After not having been able to USE my dining room for the past year because every chair had stuff on it and under it and not being able to see the top of the table there was so much stuff on it (oh and we won’t even mention trying to move around the table there were so many storage boxes) I decided it was time to just turn the space into a functioning work space.

Business has been growing, which is great, but it’s meant I’ve needed a much more efficient work space.  I ordered some heavy duty storage shelves and a stainless steel work table.  The dining room table is now taking up residence in my parents basement.  I miss my table!  But I love my new work space.  The plan is to one day be in a bigger space and have a dedicated work room, but for now this new space works well!

I didn’t get a picture of the space when everything was pulled off of shelves, boxes and what not and all dumped in the middle of the room.  I wish I had…it looked like a complete disaster zone!  But things started to get organized once my shelves arrived.  Here’s a look at the space with the two new shelves.


And here’s the new work space with the stainless steal table.  Yeah I’m a happy girl!  Can’t tell you how much happier I am working in this space.

work space

Oh and I had to add another dry rack ha!  Fall/winter is going to be busy!

Holly Swirl Challenge

August 15, 2013

So this month’s attempt turned out much better than last months…but it still had it’s problems.  Mainly me not thinking :-P.  I wanted to swirl blue and yellow…the problem with that was when you mix blue and yellow you get green!  So the color theme didn’t quite end up how I wanted.  That said I still think it’s a pretty neat looking soap.

blue-yellow swirl

I also tried a modified version of the challenge.  I embedded a heart on the bottom and then poured a swirled soap into that (and didn’t do a top layer).  I really liked that soap.

Bamboo (21)

Two new soaps!  It was fun and I’ll use this technique again for sure!

holly swirl 2

Winter Soaps

August 14, 2013

Okay!  I’ve decided on the Winter Soap Line!  The following fragrances will be used:

  1. Holiday Berry
  2. Fresh Snow
  3. Cedar & Balsam
  4. Peppermint
  5. Pumpkin Cheesecake
  6. Spiced Cranberry
  7. Santa’s Spruce
  8. Frankincense & Myrrh (a small batch, but I will bring them back)
  9. Apple Peach & Cinnamon (I think…still on the fence about this one, but I will probably offer it).

I think this is a good selection and I’ve brought back all the popular ones from last year!  Now it’s time to start making them!!!!

Bamboo & White Grapefruit

August 10, 2013

As I was in bed (trying very unsuccessfully to fall asleep) I did what I normally do…think about new soap designs.  I had some extra heart soap embeds I needed to use (I’d had some left over soap and I’d poured it into my heart mold).  I wanted to do something different with them.  Amy’s third monthly challenge had also just been posted and I thought it would be really cool to try and embed the hearts at the bottom of the batch and then do an in the pot swirl and dump that into the main batch (with the embedded hearts).

It turned out really neat!  Not 100% what I was going for but every bar is different and fun!

Bamboo (14)

Bamboo (10)

Bamboo (21)

Bamboo (1)

Soap…soap…oh and more soap!

August 2, 2013

It’s a good thing I like making soap because that is all I’ve done in the past two months. I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 days in the past two months where I HAVE NOT made soap and those days were typically because I was either at a ll day market (though even then I’d usually come home and make a batch) or had family or teaching responsibilities that kept me away from home the entire day.

I have a dry rack at my parents (for over flow) and it’s currently full!  Here are my two dry racks!


(The one row on the bottom that is empty is actually full 😀 I just have to cut the soap first then it’ll go in that spot.)

In the past two months I’ve made 1,641 bar soaps/cupcake soaps.  This doesn’t include any of the other product I’ve made (bath and body products, popsicles, dryer balls…and I’ve made a ton of those too!)  Yes, I’ve been busy.  It’s crazy how much things have grown.  I’m super excited about it, but it’s also got me thinking about production and how to meet the demand I currently have in the most efficient way possible.

And now I’m off to start on the winter soaps ha!  Oh it never ends.  😀