More efficient work space…

I finally sacrificed my dining room to create a more efficient work space for myself.  After not having been able to USE my dining room for the past year because every chair had stuff on it and under it and not being able to see the top of the table there was so much stuff on it (oh and we won’t even mention trying to move around the table there were so many storage boxes) I decided it was time to just turn the space into a functioning work space.

Business has been growing, which is great, but it’s meant I’ve needed a much more efficient work space.  I ordered some heavy duty storage shelves and a stainless steel work table.  The dining room table is now taking up residence in my parents basement.  I miss my table!  But I love my new work space.  The plan is to one day be in a bigger space and have a dedicated work room, but for now this new space works well!

I didn’t get a picture of the space when everything was pulled off of shelves, boxes and what not and all dumped in the middle of the room.  I wish I had…it looked like a complete disaster zone!  But things started to get organized once my shelves arrived.  Here’s a look at the space with the two new shelves.


And here’s the new work space with the stainless steal table.  Yeah I’m a happy girl!  Can’t tell you how much happier I am working in this space.

work space

Oh and I had to add another dry rack ha!  Fall/winter is going to be busy!


10 Responses to More efficient work space…

  1. My dining room is in the same state as your before situation. My kids have announced they want to come here for Thanksgiving. I am not going to panic yet but I really have no place to put it. My garage is pretty much full with my other hobbies – golf and wood working. Really wishing I had a bigger house.

    Thanks for sharing – your new work area looks great.

  2. Lori Holt says:

    Love that table. You look so official now. I literally went, “whoa!”.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I love it – that stainless steel table will be so easy to work on and clean! Congratulations on your new soaping space!!

  4. Shellie says:

    Jennifier – You’re a girl after my own heart! I love, love your new storage area and most of all the new steel table. I’m jealous but not for long as I’m going to go get one. Love, love your blog!

  5. soapjam says:

    Your space looks really pro now! Congratulations on your growing business!

  6. Debbie Miller says:

    Way to go Jennifer! Congratulations on your growing business! Your new work space is great…looks like it needs a helper! Lol!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone! I love my space! And I LOVE my new table…ahh the little things that make me happy!

  8. That space is amazing!! Right now I’m splitting my space between a curing/packaging room downstairs where it’s cool, and bins stacked in my kitchen of oils and additives where I actually make the soap. NOT ideal – but it’s what I got. I’m loving that steel table. Those things are good looking just by themselves, not to mention how functional they are!

  9. The Damsels says:

    The table is awesome!! Oh man once you have one…I’ll never use anything else. I still store extra stuff in the basement too. Not 100% ideal but it works 😀 Jennifer

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