Deodorant Test Results

I have also been experimenting with deodorants.  I tried three different recipes.  Two were solid bars and one was a cream.  And the overwhelming favorite of everyone who tested it was the cream/paste.  And I’m in totally agreement there.

  1. It’s a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.  I do still sweat some, but I don’t smell.  Even when I work out.
  2. It’s not sticky or clumpy and it doesn’t leave a residue.
  3. I actually found I didn’t mind the cream. I know most people cringe when they hear they have to apply it with their finger…but really I actually kind of liked it over the stick.  And if you think about it, we use our hands to apply every other product to our body.

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on it too:

Worked all day. It smells a tad strong but I like the consistency. – Shielagh

I preferred test sample #3.  I didn’t mind it being in a jar.  I actually preferred the jar over the tube, because I noticed I didn’t use as much.  I liked the light fluffy feeling of the deodorant.  It did burn, but only a mild burn more like a tingling.  I did use it right after shaving.  Even after sweating a lot after a workout I didn’t smell and I didn’t feel sticky. There was no residue on my clothing either. – Jessica

I’m super excited about this.  I did have a mild burning sensation when I used it right after shaving.  Which is probably my only complaint about the deodorant, but I also have super sensitive skin.  I actually was able to kind of work around it too by shaving at night. Then by the time I used it in the morning I didn’t have that problem.  All in all I’m really excited about the deodorant.  I now have an all natural deodorant!  Which was the last item I really needed to add to my skin care to completely switch over from store bought/chemical products.

I’m still having more people test it.  I want to see what people think over a long span of time, but I’m hoping that I can add it to my product line sometimes this year.


One Response to Deodorant Test Results

  1. mijnzeep1 says:

    Nice Jennifer! I am still searching for my favourite deo recipe!

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