Items for Sale

OKay…I went through my fragrances and finally sorted through all the ones I want and the ones that I no longer need/want/like the fragrance (ha).  Anyway, listing the items here.  If you’re interested comment on what you want or email me at (with zip) and I’ll quote you on shipping.

9 Bar Birch Slab Mold  $20 (moderate use, a few inserts are a little warped but still gives pretty even bars) It’s this mold from BB:

Mini Grape Molds (2) – $1.00 each

Mini Banana Mold (1) – $1.00

Silicon Strawberry Mold (1) – $5.00 (each strawberry is approx. 1 oz)

Bramble Berry Fragrances

  • White Ginger & Amber 4oz (new 6 months old) – $4
  • Jasmine Dreams 4oz (new 6 months old) – $4
  • Baby Rose 4oz (under a year old) – $2

Natures Garden Fragrances

  • Bamboo & White Grapefruit approx. 4oz (1 month old) – $3
  • Blackberry Fizz approx. 7oz (6 months old) – $5
  • Tahitian Waterfall approx. 7oz (6+ months old) – $5
  • Kringleberry 8oz (NEW) – $7

Sweetcakes Fragrances

  • Cranberry Spice 8oz (approx. 1 year old) – $7

Rustic Escentuals Fragrances

  • Lilac 16oz (brand new- got this cause someone said it moves slow, but I didn’t like its scent compared to my other lilac so just not going to use it.) – $10

5 Responses to Items for Sale

  1. jeanettemorgan12 says:

    I would be happy to take the following off your hands:

    mini grap molds (2) 9 bar birch slab mold strawberry mold

    shipping to 78154

    thanks Jeanette

  2. TerriLin says:

    Hi Jennifer I would love to purchase all of your fo’s shipping to CA 95628. Email is

  3. TerriLin says:

    Might as well add the banana mini mold since it’s the only thing left lol. I can use it for my monkey farts kids soaps. Of course, I have about a dozen of various mini molds and have never used them …. sigh … I’m an addict.

  4. Jennifer says:

    lol. Ok. Let me package them up and figure out what shipping is and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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