Happy 2014!!

I cannot believe it is January 1st!  I don’t know where 2013 went.  It was a crazy busy year that is for sure.  So, let’s take a look back at what Jennifer’s Handmade Soap accomplished in 2013:

  • Made and sold almost 5000 bars of soap
  • Made and sold almost 500 cupcakes
  • Made and sold over 2000 popsicles soaps

So let’s take a moment here to pause and take in those numbers.  At first I didn’t feel like they were a lot until I started doing some math.  5000 bars of soap mean I had to make a 10lb batch of soap on 161 days of the past year.  Of course I wasn’t always so economical when it came to making soaps and sometimes I was making 5lb batches or less…so I actually make soap on 250 out of 365 days of this past year (and that’s just bar soaps).  I plan to be a bit wiser with my batches this year in hopes of saving some time.  I also have big plans to start MASTER BATCHING!!!  Yup, you heard it!  Super excited about that.

To continue…

  • I participated in 85 craft fairs/farmers markets (that’s approximately 7 events a month, which of course didn’t work out that way as most of my events are May-December so it was more like 10+ events a month).
  • I grew my wholesale accounts from 2 to 25!
  • I doubled my online orders from the previous year.

WOW!  Sometimes I get down because I feel like I work my tail off and I don’t see any progress being made, but sitting here now and looking at where I was last year this time I can really see that all my hard work has been paying off.

And the biggest accomplishment:

  • I made a profit this year!!

Not only did I make a profit (my second year as a full time business), but I was able to pay myself this year!  Overall, 2013 was a pretty good year.  I worked hard, and it paid off.  Now it’s time to start looking ahead and planning for 2014.  Stay tuned for another post about 2014’s goals!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me!  I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys.  You’re all awesome.  Thanks for coming to my craft fairs. Thanks for sharing my business.  Thanks for recommending it to others!  And thank you so much for your support and encouragement!  It’s meant the world to me.

Happy New Years!


2 Responses to Happy 2014!!

  1. Raymond Holt says:

    Good for you Jennifer…It’s a lot harder than most people think ! I often have a good laugh when people say If he/she can do it why can’t I. The answer is people are afraid of hard work (you aren’t…Right?)
    Q.? What is Master Batching ?
    Also I was wondering what happened to you, I had to double check and see if I was still subscribed to your posts…Keep up the good work, C’ya

  2. The Damsels says:

    I’m still here 🙂 Come November/December I get so busy that the blog (sadly) get neglected! I think hard work might be my middle name 😀 Master batching is when you basically measure out all your oils in multiple (so I’ll fill a 50lb bucket) which I can basically get about 10-12 10lb batches out of it.

    I create a spigot in the bottle and get a heat belt and basically melt the oils. Then I just measure out the oils (which are all melted together) add in my lye and go! It’s a way to save me time and allow me to make multiple batches in a day and also make it easier for me to make all different size batches (so I can do smaller batches for embeds and then large ones for the loaf molds…) If you do a search you’ll get some info that comes up. I can’t think of any of the sites off the top of my head and my links that are book marked aren’t on this computer.


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