Valentine’s Day Soaps & Bath Products

This year I decided to do some fun Valentine’s Day themed soaps and bath products.

Bath Salts – Salts in a champagne bottle with some cute packaging!  Available in: Lavender, Strawberries & Champagne, and Pomegranate Champagne


Massage Oil – (Body Oil) A luxurious blend of oils and a touch of essential oil to lightly scent them.


Lip Balms – I made two special limited edition flavors for February: Chocolate and Strawberries & Champagne


Check out all the different items under the Valentine’s Day tab on my webpage!

And here’s a look at what didn’t make the cut!  I’ve been wanting to experiment with petit fours/truffles for a while. I thought Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to finally do that.  Umm…yeah I experimented…and that’s about the end of that. Oh my word! Time consuming and tedious…NOT FUN!

soap truffles


2 Responses to Valentine’s Day Soaps & Bath Products

  1. taylor4thesage says:

    I love the soap peiti-fours! How cute! I also like the creative packaging for the bath salts.

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Your products look amazing, way to nail the packaging. Making petit fours & truffles are time consuming, but they are super cute =)

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