Dusted Embed Soap Tutorial

This is really an easy technique.  It just requires two days to do it because you need to create embeds the day before.  What I’m loving about this is there are so many different ways you can use this technique!  I’ve played around with a couple options and will post pictures of them at the end.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Make your embeds.  You can really use any recipe you want for this.  So, pull out your favorite one and whip up a batch of embeds.  I typically use either of these molds (CUBE or SQUARE) from Bramble Berry, but really it doesn’t matter what mold you use because you’ll be chopping them up.

ready to go

You’ll notice that this aren’t cut up in to small chunks.  I was experimenting with bigger pieces when I was making this batch for the tutorial.  I have pictures coming though of the typical size chucks I use in a few steps.

Step 2: Once the embeds are made you’ll need a large plastic sandwich/storage bag and about 1 tsp of mica.  I love mica because of 1) the ease in which it coats the soap and 2) it’s got that sparkle/shimmer to it but I love.  You can use any colorant you want though.  I’ve tried using activated charcoal and Bramble Berry’s neon colors so far and the technique has worked the same.  Some times it’s a bit more work (and colorant) to cover the pieces, but you still get the same end results.

I find that for about 1-2lbs worth of embeds I need around 1 tsp of mica.  A little bit really does go a long way–with micas!  Other colorants you’re going to have to play around with.  I’m finding that some will need more than a teaspoon, but I always start with about that much and then add if needed.

mica usage

Add the mica and the embeds to the bag.  Make sure you capture some air in the bag and then twist the top shut and shake the embeds around making sure they all get coated in the mica.

air in bag shake

The pink/black embeds were from the first batch I did.  You can see I used way more mica than I needed! (Especially activated charcoal…it goes a long way!)

examples 2

This is what my embeds look like after I’ve coated them.

dusted embeds

examples 1

These were from a different batch I made.  You can see these pieces are probably a fourth of the size of the purple ones. I like this size best.  I think it creates a prettier soap (you get more embeds and hence more of the dusted effect).

TIP: Removing the pieces from the bag can make the BIGGEST mess.  If you have a set of BBQ Tongs they make removing the pieces soooo much easier and less messier.


Step 3: Once you’ve done that set aside your embeds and make a new batch of soap for these to go in.  I recommend picking a relatively SLOW moving fragrance/essential oil.  I was trying to use a free sample floral fragrance when I was making this small batch to create a tutorial out of.  Florals are not slow movers ha!  You need to have time to pour layers, get the embeds in, and repeat.  So, yeah!  Use a slow moving fragrance!

I pour about a quarter to three-quarters of the batch into my mold.  Again, this all depends on what you’re going for image wise.  If you’re doing one solid color batch and embeding the color embeds in this ratio works.  You’ll see one I did with three different layers/colors so obviously I did a third for that…just play around.

first layer of soap

Next put your first layer of embeds in.  Then add more soap, and repeat with adding more embeds, and repeat again if necessary.

place embeds in soap

This batch I did much larger embeds than I recommend.  I like the result the smaller embeds give, but I was experimenting myself here.

Step 4: Once all the soap is used and the embeds in, put your soap to bed.  And cut it the next day!



This soap I used pink and black embeds in a white batch.


This one I really like the idea:  Three layers, three colors.  Next time I might try and do the embeds a little lighter than the layer they’re going in. I think it would have helped make everything pop a bit more.


Last, but not least (as you’ll be seeing more of this technique from me I’m sure) are my hearts!  I was playing around with embedding dusted hearts and trying to do a drop swirl (which didn’t quite go as plan because the fragrance thickened up on me faster than I expected).  But I think it’s still a cool looking soap.


5 Responses to Dusted Embed Soap Tutorial

  1. nanciramalho says:

    Very cool!! I love it!!

  2. A TheSage says:

    This is a really great idea! I love how the powders help accent the embeds. I’m thinking my favorite is the purple with the larger embed size because it isn’t expected. Great job!

  3. Vicki says:

    Nice idea – I can think of lots of different effects that could be created with this technique. Thanks for the tutorial!

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    Dusted Embed Soap Tutorial | Jennifer’s Handmade Soap

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