Dusted Mica Top

I’ve seen soaps that have dusted their tops with a thin layer of mica.  I’ve tried multiple times to mimic the look and I’ve never quite been able to and in the process I make a massive mess (because it always involved me blowing…and blowing on mica…not the smartest idea!)

The other day I wanted to try and dust layers of mica on a batch I was making and couldn’t find the sifter tool I typically used.  So in a pinch I grabbed a bottle I had sitting around and filled it with some mica hoping it might work in a pinch.

It didn’t quite do what I wanted for the layers in the soap, but oh my word it gave me that shimmery mica top finished I’d tried and failed to do soooooo many times before!!

Find a bottle like this: (sorry picture is awful!)

Mica Squirt Bottle

I get my bottles at US Plastic (if you’re interested).

Fill it with some mica.  Gently squeeze puffs out of it over your wet soap and you will get a nice coating like this!  So simple! So pretty!  I love it when I randomly stumble upon ways to do things!

TIP: Do this outside (if you can).  I’m still cleaning up pink mica!  It gets in the air and it settles all over the place!

mica dust top



5 Responses to Dusted Mica Top

  1. Linda Boyle says:

    Jenn, another very easy, less messy way is to take a wide mouth pill/tablet bottle. Put a spoonful of your mica in it and cover with a piece of pantyhose.Stretch it over the opening and secure with an elastic band. The holes are small enough to allow a controlled sprinkle of Mica. No blowing involved. Works amazing. Have fun !

    • The Damsels says:

      Hi Linda! I have actually done it that way too. I found it still gave a little different effect. But I did love that it was much less messier! Thanks for sharing with everyone though! Jennifer

  2. AnnaRose says:

    Thanks for the tip! I use a similar method with glitter but I never thought to use it for mica tops!

  3. Roxana says:

    Thanks for the tip. I never thought to use the bottles for mica as well. I currently use this technique for my glitter 🙂

  4. Molly says:

    Cool idea!! Thanks for sharing! Nice to have a new idea to play with 🙂

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