Items for Sale: Destash!

It’s that time again where I’ve gone through all the items I have that I’m not used, no longer need, or just have too many of.  I’d love to find homes for everything (which in turn will give me some cleared shelf space to just go get more stuff…it’s a never ending cycle :D.) I’ve split everything into a couple categories.  I’ve listed amounts and costs.  This doesn’t include shipping.  Shipping will be calculated based on what each person wants.

First come first serve.  If you want something comment or email me (JenniferSoap [at] gmail [dot] com) with what you want and your mailing zip so I can calculate shipping costs for you.


  • (7)  9.5oz Spice Bottles – $.50 EACH  (Similar to these)
  • (7) 16oz Spray Bottles – $2.00 EACH (Picture)
  • 150 Clear Lip Balm Caps – $0.03 per cap if you take them all or $0.05 per cap if you just want a portion of them) Image (just selling caps, not tubes)
  • 400 Kraft Soap Boxes Measure: 2 3/4 x 1 3/16 x 3 13/16 $0.14 per box if you take the entire set / $0.17 per box if you just want a portion

soap box

  • (37) 1oz Clear Spray Bottles (SKS 0028-26) – $0.45 EACH
  • (18) 16oz bottles SKS 0028-107 (I have 7 white caps and 7 spray bottle nozzles I’ll put with them, but they’ll still be missing 4 caps.  SKS/WSP sells just tops.) – $16 for all 18 bottles/caps
  • (29) 8oz Keuka Plastic Bottles with caps – $0.40 per bottle/cap
  • Approx. 20 Plastic Tubes SKS 0890-01$0.30 EACH


  •  2oz Pink Lemonade Flavor (WSP) – $1.50
  • 9oz WSP Orange-Cranberry – $4.00
  • 10oz BB Yuzu (not recommended for CP soap, fades) – $4.00
  • 16oz WSP Vanilla Verbena – $6.00
  • 4oz BB Mint Chocolate Chip – $1.00
  • 4oz BB Relaxing – $3.00
  • 4oz RE Lavender & Chamomile – $3.00
  • 2oz BB Black Tea – $1.00
  • 2oz BB Amber – $1.00
  • 2oz BB Strawberry – $1.00

(BB= Bramble Berry, WSP= Wholesale Supplies Plus, ED= Essential Depot, RE= Rustic Essentials, NG= Nature’s Garden)


  • 1 wood mold (holds approx 3-3.5lb) Soap.  The base is separate from the sides, so the side just slips over the anchor on the base and it holds it in place.  Use Great Cake Soapworks method of lining molds to easily line these.   – $10 EACH


  • Assortment of Plastic (one silicon) molds (8 total).  Selling as set.  Shapes include: flowers, cupcakes, crayons, geometric shapes, one star individual mold… – $8.00 for SET



2 Responses to Items for Sale: Destash!

  1. Dawn Kaaihue says:

    If available I would like assorted gift boxes $2, set of 3 double spoons $4, and the flower tray for $5.

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