Jennifer’s Top Five List: #5

Christmas time is a big time for me for sales, but despite the craziness of my schedule it’s a time of year I try and make time for family and friends.  I love this season.  There’s just a joy about it when I take time to look beyond “spending” money.  I love giving gifts, but sometimes the best gift is having a girls night in to watch movies all night with my friends, or visiting our local historical museum, or just walking around Boston.  This time of year is so much more than just selling for me.  I do love this time of year and selling, especially when I get repeat customers who come back to tell me how much their daughter or friend or mom loved the soap they got them! That’s what makes my job fun, despite the sometimes 14 hour days this time of year.

I thought it would be fun to do a countdown of my favorite Christmas songs (both the traditional and nontradition).  So, here we go: Jennifer’s countdown to her favorite Christmas songs! Join me and share your favorite Christmas songs with me!

Traditional #5: Little Drummer Boy, Celtic Women
There are so many versions of this song that I like it’s hard to pick out my favorite.

Nontraditional #5: Eyes of a Child, Air Supply
Another one from Air Supply. I first heard this song years ago and just fell in love with it. It’s on their Christmas album.

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just five so I also had to give you my runner ups!  Stay tune for four through one over the next week and a half!

Traditional Runner Up: Go Tell it on the Mountain, Anne Murray

(Anne Murray’s Mary’s Boy Child was a really close runner up too!)

Nontraditional Runner Up: Love is All, Air Supply


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