Failed Batch *head shake*

I’ve been making soap for a good while now and I haven’t had a failed batch in a long time.  I guess I was due.  I started my first batch of the new year off by leaving out an ingredient which created a lye heavy soap :P.

It happens to the best of us! So, don’t get discouraged if you have a failed batch or two from time to time.

Look at this lovely (insert sarcasm here) high pH.

2015-01-04 16.33.52

6 Responses to Failed Batch *head shake*

  1. Debbie Miller says:

    Buuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmer. 😦

  2. jo says:

    Oooops! Sorry to hear you had a glitch – on the plus side, you have got it over and done with for 2015 and for the rest of the year you will be turning out one fantastic soap after another

  3. anna says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    What did you do with the failed batch?

    The same thing happened to me. What’s the best way to toss it out if I don’t want to rebatch?


    • Jennifer says:

      It can be rebatched, or used for laundry soap…this batch had oatmeal in it and so I couldn’t do that. I just ditched this one. Sometimes I’ll take the effort to rebatch, but I hate rebatching and I have so rarely failed batches that I usually don’t do anything with them.

      • anna says:

        Did you just toss it out in the garbage? I wasn’t sure what’s the correct method since there may still be traces of lye?

    • Jennifer says:

      I did. There might be more proper ways to trash it, but I think the amount of lye in it is really insignificant comparatively speaking.

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