Friends and their comments…that inspire new products!

A couple times I’ve had customers or friends come up and tell me they used one of my products for something other than it was intended and it worked great!  It’s really fun to hear them so happy about finding a new use for said product.  A lot of times I share this with other customers asking about products.  My body butter has multiple uses as does my foot balm.

The other day my best friend’s sister who has two children still in diaper told me how she took one of my lip balms and labeled it “Butt Stick” and has been using it to help soothe diaper rash.  A while back I’d actually done some research on making a diaper rash cream for another friend.  I never did anything with it, but when she started talking about my lip balm I realized that the recipe I created way back when for the diaper rash cream was almost similar to my lip balm recipe with a few exceptions the biggest being there was no beeswax in it.

I decided to pull out the old recipe I’d created and alter it from a butter to a balm.  I call it Baby “Butt” Balm (affectionately referred to by family and friends now as the “Butt Stick”).  I’ve had friends and family testing it to see what they think.  We’ll see what the result is over the next few months…but potentially a new product might come to my bath product line!


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