Display Ideas (The never ending dilemma)!

I really liked my display set up from last season and I want to keep most of it, but with the addition of a body scrub line I need something to display those. What I have won’t work.  I’ve spent way too many hours researching different display options. I have a couple of good options…now I have to play around with designs and see what would work and what I think would look best.

Option 1: Love the tiered shelf. Problem is it won’t hold a lot of scrubs…but it would work well on a table set up.

teired stand1

Option 2: Again, won’t hold a ton of scrubs, but would definitely look cute on a table.

whitewash shelf

Option 3: This would cause me to change my whole table set up. And I’m not sold on it. I’d also need to add a couple more shelves as I think five would be better for me. I don’t need as much space between my shelves.

shutter display

Option 4: Love the idea of this, but then it would most likely replace one of my tables…do I want to do that?  Oh the choices!

ladder display

3 Responses to Display Ideas (The never ending dilemma)!

  1. Sylvia says:

    IF you are taking votes – I love Option one…I think it’s the most versatile and you could use more then one in the future.

  2. Kim GIORGI says:

    I was wondering where did you fond the first option; I would like to reproduce something similar for my house. Maybe you have the link or a tutorial to recommanded?
    thanks for your attention

    • Jennifer says:

      Honestly I have no idea 😀 This was an old post and I went in a different direction than what I posted here and so I don’t remember where I found that display. Maybe ETSY?

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