My Sister’s Wedding

You guys probably saw the posts back in May I posted about my sister’s bridal shower (where I did the really cute sunflower soap favors).  Well, the wedding day finally arrived and (despite all the stress leading up to it) it was a wonderful day.  I did mini cupcake soap favors (as the cake was a “cupcake cake”).  The day was truly wonderful and I thought I’d share a few pictures that highlighted it all (albeit about six months after the event…but hey better late than never)!

On the “party bus” to the reception!

2015-07-18 13.27.31

Bride and Groom – Happily Married!2015-07-18 17.08.59

BK pit stop on the way to Recption somehow resulted in crowns 😉2015-07-18 17.54.28

Cake topping for the Bruins and Flyers Fan!2015-07-18 21.23.49

Awww 😀2015-08-01 10.22.58

Beauty!2015-08-08 17.31.55

She glowed!2015-08-08 17.32.32

This was all my doing 😉 The two nieces framing the happy couple.  We won’t go into the effort it took to get this shot ;). I’m in love with it though!2015-08-13 21.35.51

More bride and groom (you can’t have too many of them ;)).2015-08-13 21.36.06

You may now kiss the bride!2015-08-13 21.36.15

Becca and Zach being entertained by my maid of honor speech.2015-08-13 21.36.34

My doing again 😉  We had the groomsmen and bridesmaids write on chalkboards how they new the bride and groom and took a picture of us hold them for them.  Love these pics!2015-08-13 21.36.52

Backyard wedding…It was quite amazing!2015-08-13 21.37.01

Ahh here are the bridesmaids!2015-08-13 21.39.23

Sisters ❤2015-08-13 21.39.27

Aren’t they adorable!2015-08-13 21.39.30

And they’re married!2015-08-13 21.42.34

Dad giving away the beautiful bride. I had tears in my eyes.2015-08-13 21.43.04


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