Piping Challenge

I started this challenge with the idea to do a flower scene. Then I read the “rules” for entering and I realized my idea wouldn’t meet those requirements.  Bummed I played around with some random piping of flowers, but I was uninspired and didn’t like what I was doing. And may I mention I REALLY REALLY REALLY dislike piping flowers.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re not fun for me. Yes, they’re pretty and people like them, but it’s like having a tooth pulled for me–NOT FUN!




I was almost ready to call it quits and just say forget about it, when I remembered years and years ago I did some mini soaps of Oscar and Cookie Monster.  Remaking those as large versions appealed to me and I was re-inspired to making something.  What follows is the process it took to make these.  Way too much work and not something I plan to make more of, but for the challenge they were fun.

*UPDATE* I still couldn’t entered my character soaps. When entering I realized it also said “no embellishments” so that takes my character soaps out of the running. Don’t know where my brain’s been lately!

Since I was making a “face” I needed to pre-make several pieces: eyes, mouth, and cookies.  I did these by pouring soap into a circle mold, unmolding, and then slicing them in thin pieces and then cutting those pieces in half (for the cookies and mouths).



Next I made the base of the characters.  Gray for Oscar (since he is sitting in his garbage can) and brown for Cookie Monster (because I didn’t want an all blue soap).  I filled the base only half way (I used two different cupcake molds because I like the different effects for each character).  Then I piped their bodies.



I used tip 233 to make their “fur” or body.  Because we had to use at least two tones in one element of piping I did two different color greens for Oscar, which I love how they turned out.  And two different blues (light and a dark) for Cookie, but the blues kind of melded together and there’s not a lot of distinction between them. I was a little bummed over that, but they still look cute.

After piping their tops I then embedded the eyes, mouth, and cookies.




From there I had to pipe the eye balls on the white eye pieces.  I used tip 10.  I also had to pipe the eye brows for Oscar.  I used tip 16.  Lastly I had to pipe the “tongue” on to Oscar’s mouth.  I used tip 3 for that.

Overall I really like them.  They’re cute.  They’re different.  But best of all they’re not flowers ;).




I had had some left over soap from another batch of embeds I was making and so I just poured it into some round mold cavities I had.  I didn’t know what to do with them.  I had leftover soap better for Oscar and Cookie and I was like I’ll pipe the rest on top of the extra round soaps.  I liked it. More so than the cupcake ones.  If I ever do anything like this again I’ll probably use that as a base as opposed to cupcake holders.



And a bonus: Mummies!  I had left over soap again from a different batch and I knew I was going to be piping for the challenge so I made black bases, know I could turn them into mummies.  It’s made me really tempted to make other Halloween faces now like pumpkins, monsters, and whatever else I can think up!



And there you have it: my piped soaps.

14 Responses to Piping Challenge

  1. Pat Tyson says:

    Love all of those piped soap creatures!

  2. Piping flowers is not for all, and you did a fun turn and make this a soap to remember with a big smile 😊 You made my day 😊😊 You did a great job with your soaps.


    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks! I really am happy with them. They were fun and a challenge for me and that is the point of these challenges. No point doing something that makes me miserable!

  3. Omneya Andrea Acosta Dhmaid says:

    These are so cute!!!!!!!!!! You did it your way and i love that 🙂

  4. Belinda says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! and sorry to hear that piping flowers was no fun for you, but I am glad you made a submission to the soap challenge, and shared your amazing Oscar and Cookie Monster creations! They are so cute and really well done 🙂 All the best and happy soaping xo

  5. Amy Warden says:

    Here I was thinking that your hydrangeas turned out so beautifully!! I had no idea they gave you a headache. 😛 Glad you had some fun with the cookie monsters & Oscars. They certainly turned out really cute!

  6. Edmonds says:

    Nice work! I love your imagination with the Cookie monster & Oscar ~ they turned out great! I love your Hydrangeas too. I’m glad you survived it! : ))

  7. Helene says:

    What a wonderful idea for kid’s soaps!! Great job! … and by the way, your hydrangeas are very nice too !

  8. Nice looking soap! Love you’re Amazing monster (Oscar and Cookie Monster.) cupcakes they are very unique and stunning!

  9. Your little flower ones remind me of my grandma, and her violets, what with the beautiful colors used – and trust me, this is a good thing. ^_^ Absolutely love what you did with the muppet ones, even if they couldn’t be used for the challenge. Great job!

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