A Year in Review: 2016

A Year in Review: 2016

In January I posed my goals for 2016.  Well it’s come time to review those goals and see how well I did with them.

1. Increase my profit by 50%.  Last year’s goal of doubling my profit was a big one, and a big step up in my business. I did it.  This year if I can increase it by 50% it’ll  be a good year.  If it so happens I can increase it more I’ll take it! But an increase like that will mean I’ll  have to re-approach how I make things because there’s only one of me and only so many hours in the day to get stuff done!

I increased sales by 25% (which if I was being honest with myself last year I would have said 50% was probably impossible…but I believe in setting high goals!)  The biggest problem with trying to increase by 50% was there wasn’t enough “me” to make that happen.  But, I’ve got plans to address that in this year’s goals (post coming after this one)!

2. Grow my customer base. Yes, this is the same goal as last year and it will be a goal next year and the year after and the year after that…you get the point.

I continue to do this, both online and locally.  It’s never ending work.  This coming year I need to create some specific goals on how I could increase my customer base.

3. Introduce some new products.  On my list of new products: shower tabs, cream soap, liquid soap, foaming bath whip, and maybe a shampoo bar.  There are many other things I want to experiment with, but this is the list for this year.

Hahaha! Ummm yeah none of that happened.  I did play around with shower tabs, but came to the conclusion they weren’t worth the effort for the profit return on them.  Everything else…yeah that’ll be on the list again this year. Honestly I ran out of time.  I have a precious 3-4 months January through (mid) April to experiment before show season starts to get into full swing, and at that point it’s about just keeping up with what I have, forget experimenting.

I want to do a better job this year. I’m going to pick two or three items and try and focus on those during my off months and not get distracted with “too” many things on my list to fully focus my attention on anything.

4. Grow my online sales.

Accomplished 🙂

5. Grow my sales for custom wedding/shower (baby & bridal) showers.  I started that this year and I had so much fun making these custom favors. I hope to continue to grow this side of my business.

I’ve made progress, but there’s more still I need to do with this.  I have some definite plans for this which will be on my 2017 Goal List.

6. Expand the number of classes I teach (and where I teach).

I only taught five “more” classes than last year, but I did expand where I teach this year.

7. Attend the 2016 Soap Conference in Tampa.

Accomplished.  That was another fun experience where I learned new things and had a great time!

8. Take (and pass) the Basic and Advance MP certification tests (at the soap conference). This shouldn’t be hard.  And while MP is just not my thing, I do teach and I think having these certifications is a must for me.

Well I had good intentions to complete both tests at the conference, but I only did the basic. I didn’t have my act together enough before I left for Tampa to have my soaps made and tested.  There was so much going on with show season starting and turning the conference into a vacation also (so all that planning) I just ran out of time.  I’ll get that Advanced MP done this year. I don’t really need it as I’m a CP girl, but I feel since I teach I should get it.

9. Start working/prepping for the CP Master Exam.  My goal this year is to get my act together. That means learning how to make liquid and cream soap.  It means deciding on the topics I want to write/research for part 3 & 4 of the test.  It means starting to study the essay questions and know the answers backwards and forwards.  Because come 2017 I plan to register to TAKE the Master Exam!

I started.  I have not accomplished much…but I can say I’ve started.  My goal is still to sign up before May 1 for the exam, which should motivate me a lot more this winter to get with it when it comes to studying and learning.

10. Save a percentage of every sale for a really BIG (potential) goal that is (potentially) years away. (Yes, this goal is back and will continue to come back until I reach said goal!)

Accomplished.  It’s going to take a long time to get there, but every little bit makes a difference.

A few other things I’d like to add to this list of accomplishments from 2016.

  • I made a little over 4,800 bars of soap this year. Down by about 500 bars from last year, but the slight decrease in sales in bar soaps was made up with a (significant) increase in sales in Hand Balms and Bath Bombs.
  • Speaking of bath bombs, I made 10 times more than I did last year!  In November someone told me they were the “in product” this year.  Apparently, they weren’t kidding!
  • I did 77 events this year. (Up from the 69 I did last year).
  • I taught 28 classes.
  • I made over 30 new soaps/designs.  And I rotated out only one standard soap (Vanilla Oak).  All the other standards sold well enough I’m keeping them all this coming year.

So there you have it!  Not a bad year. I’m excited to see what 2017 brings!


2 Responses to A Year in Review: 2016

  1. Debbie says:

    Way to go Jennifer! Congratulations! Hard work always pays off! Here’s to a successful 2017!!!! 😊

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