When soap goes wrong…

I haven’t had a soap seize on my like this in years!  The last time in fact I got soap on a spoon was when I was making soap with hard alcohol.  I mixed “Soothing Sandalwood” from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  I’d gotten it as a free sample and I figured I was make Shaving Soap sticks and I was breaking up a five pound batch into four different scents that this would be a good one to use up the sample on.  I added the fragrance and stirred it in and went to go pour the soap and it was practically solid!


I crammed and mushed it into some individual cavities.  It’ll go into my grab bags once it cured…thank goodness it was only a pound of soap I lost.  OYE!


One Response to When soap goes wrong…

  1. Pat Tyson says:

    Wow! That really is a full blown seizure! Better give a warning in your review of that fragrance. I enjoy your blog! Thanks for the info!

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