12 in 12 FEBRUARY

Here we go! First month of pictures (sorry I missed January guys!  I’m still not quite sure where January went if I’m honest!).  If you’re wondering what this all about check out my very first post for more information!  The basic gist of it is:

Each month document your soaping/bath product making in 12 pictures. One picture MUST be taken on the 12th of the month (even if you’re not doing anything soap related).  Create a blog post of your 12 pictures (with a one or two sentence explanation) and post it at the end of each month.

So!  Without further ado here’s my 12 snapshots of February!

February 4th: My Godson’s Baptism

I know! I start the month off with no soap photo and this is a soapy photo game ha!  But I couldn’t not share this picture. Luke was out cold in my arms! He just melts my heart. And look at those cheeks!!


February 8th: Taxes

Blah! I know I have to be an adult and deal with them, but I think February is my least favorite month because of taxes ha!


February 9th: Soap

I did make soap this month!  I’m a bit behind on it as I’ve had a million other things to do.  There will be much more soap making in March!


February 10th: Bath Bombs

These are going to go inside some white bath bombs and you’ll get a surprise color as you use them!


February 12th: Farmers Markets and Craft Fair Applications

I started my 2017 calendar in November of 2016 believe it or not!  But the majority of planning happens in January and February and applications are coming out in full force for my farmers markets.  There will be more to deal with in March…then things slow down a bit before they pick up again in May when winter show apps come out.  I spend a lot of time filling out apps and writing checks in February though!


February 13th: Soap Classes!  

That time where I’m planning my spring soap class schedule at the different places I teach.


February 15th: Prep Work!

I’m cutting the bags I use for my bath bombs here.  It’s cheaper to buy a 500′ roll and create the bags myself…though it’s tedious work and definitely not on my “fun” list!


I also started working on making dryer balls that day too!  Tedious job!


February 17th: Labels!

I spent hours and hours this month working on labels for my “Gift Sets for the Magically Inclined” new product addition.  The one bright side is once they’re done I can just open and print when I need more, but the initial time I’ve invested in these is crazy!


February 18th: Experimenting

A friend’s sister was looking for a tallow lotion. I don’t make lotion but I said I could experiment with a body butter.  I did some research, created some recipes and made a couple tallow balms and body butters.  I have to say at this moment I’m LOVING them!


February 19th: Custom Favors

These cute cupcakes are going to be favors for a baby shower! I also got to make favors for a bridal shower this month. I love doing custom favors.  I get to help make a day special and that puts a smile on my face!


February 21st: Packaging

Umm…remember all that label creating I’ve been doing? I finally finished them and now came the next step: packaging everything!!!  I’m still working on them, but I’m making progress. These are my half bars all packaged with their new labels.


And there you have it! My soapy month in 12 pictures.  I have to say it’s been fun going back over all the pics I took this month and sharing a snap shot of what I did!  I hope you enjoyed it as well!  Here’s to March and seeing what it brings.


2 Responses to 12 in 12 FEBRUARY

  1. Pat Tyson says:

    You have been super busy creating lots of beautiful products. I LOVE your labels too!

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