Shopping Small: We appreciate it!

Recently this diagram was shared on a page I follow.  I don’t know how factual it is when it comes to exact numbers, but I know the general sentiment of the diagram is true.  You’re investing in your community and helping the “Mom & Pop” businesses survive when you shop small.

As a small business owner I can say I appreciate it when someone is willing to support my business and spend a little bit more on an item than they would at a retail store. I know I try to do my own part supporting small businesses too.  Ask my family.  Most of my gifts to them are local and handmade :D.  I spend more on a bottle of hot sauce or jam or honey because it was made locally than if I were to go to the store.  I love my farmers markets in the summer and do as much of my “food” shopping there.

As my show season starts to get into full swing may I say I appreciate your support!


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