May 12 in 12

It’s time for May’s 12 in 12!  Again, if you’re wondering what this all about check out my very first post for more information!  The basic gist of it is:

Each month document your soaping/bath product making in 12 pictures. One picture MUST be taken on the 12th of the month (even if you’re not doing anything soap related).  Create a blog post of your 12 pictures (with a one or two sentence explanation) and post it at the end of each month.  Please share a link back to your post here if you’d done you’re own 12 in 12! I’d love to see them!

May 1st: Day 1 of the Annual Soap Conference

Getting to the conference was a bit of a challenge!  But I made it (despite some canceled flights).  I finally got to meet Anne-Marie from Bramble Berry. That was a treat!

May 2nd: Day 2 of the Annual Soap Conference

The conference was held in Las Vegas this year, so it was easy to walk out of the hotel and go find food and visit the sights.  This was on our way back from getting dinner the second night at the New York hotel where we had the most delicious ham and cheese crepes.

May 3rd: Day 3 of the Annual Soap Conference

Lots of worrying and stressing over the stinking Advanced MP test.  I’m SO glad that is out of the way and I never have to do another MP test. Not that I HAD to do this one, but I felt I should at least have my advanced certification in MP, even though I don’t do MP soap.

May 10th: Master Exam Prep

I’ve officially started on my Master exam.  I submitted my time line for completing the two year test and my Outline for Part 3 for approval from the test board. I’m ready to start working.

May 11th: Fragrances!

One thing I love about the conference is the ability to SMELL fragrances my favorite suppliers sell.  This was my order from the conference from Lebermuth!  Lots of good scents here to start soaping with!

May 14th: Happy Mother’s Day

This made me smile.  And I just had to share!

May 15th: Restocking

I’ve been busy restocking standard soaps.  I got a little off schedule with the conference and catching up with life after it, but I’m back on track.

May 17th: Restocking done!

This was the last of the my standard soap line I had to restock.  Now I have to move on to making my summer line if I want them ready by end of June! The work never ends ;).

May 18th: Custom Favors

I love black and white themes so I was excited to get one for a custom order!

May 19th: Gift Sets

My Magically Inclined Gift Sets have been going over pretty well!  Which meant I spent a good portion of the day making more sets!

May 21st: Market

And show season is in full swing. I had two outdoor shows this weekend.  I’m getting back into the swing of setting up the tent.  I can’t say it’s my favorite thing to do ha!

May 23rd: Custom Favors

With those custom favors came custom tags!  Photoshop is an amazing program!  Do you know I recently realized that I first learned to use Photoshop 20 years ago!!!  I feel old!

May 25th: Bath Bombs

The never ending process of making bath bombs…and I’m still not done with this restock as I need to make another batch but waiting on a fragrance to come in that I ran out of (accidentally).


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