September 12 in 12

E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D!  Umm…I think I started last months post just like this.  If it’s possible to be more exhausted I think I am ;).  It’s that time of year…I’m just going to always be a little to a lot tired :D.  So, are you wondering what this month looked like for me? Well wait no more! Here you go. It was a crazy production month…mostly soap, but still other things got made too!

September 1st: Embeds 

I was a bit behind on starting my winter soaps this year (moving and all…) but I got them ALL made this month…and for whatever reason somehow my winter soaps designs always end up with most of them involving embeds! Which makes everything so much more work. Here are the first of the embeds I made!

September 6th: Travel Soaps!

I packaged almost 200 travel soaps.  Not hard, just tedious.  They’re pretty popular soaps, and I was almost completely out of stock. I should be good for a while now ;).

September 8th: Christmas Lights…gone wrong.

This soap is a PAIN to make. 1) I need to get more light bulb molds. 2) It not only involves embeds but pipping too.  I was so excited to make this once I got my embeds done (aren’t they pretty)?  And then what happens? The pretty white soap they’re embedded in turns BROWN!  I was so upset (still am). My fault for not testing the fragrance, but it was clear in the bottle and I thought I’d be ok. They smell great, but I’m just so bummed over the final soap.

September 9th: More Packaging!

Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot of my time packaging! These are half bars that are all going into gift sets that I had to package.

September 10th: Square Updates

I had a photo shoot for the fall soaps that debuted this month, which meant I had to add them to Square. I can’t tell you how much I love Square and being able to basically keep track of all my inventory and what I sell in a quick and easy manner at shows.

September 12th: Yet again more embeds!

I did mention that many of my designs involved embeds for the winter soaps right? Ha!  I love the crazy bright color of these embeds.

September 15th: Lip Balms & Gift Sets

Multi-tasking, when I label the lip balms and package the gift sets at a market ;).  Using my time wisely.

September 16th: Swirl Swoon

Oh my! I was just in love with the top of this soap.  Aren’t the swirls pretty?!?!

September 19th: 5000 Bars!

And on this day I made my 5000th bar of soap for the year :D!  With what I’ve made since and what I still have to make I’m pretty sure I’ll come close to (maybe pass) making 6000 bars this year.  This is a great thing! It means business is growing. All that hard work seems to be paying off.

September 22nd: More swirled tops!

I was having a really good month of swirl tops. This is another one I just fell in love with!

September 23rd: A new design…

I got this idea to make a Santa belt soap.  I didn’t know how, but I was determined to do it.  I played around with sketches and my molds and finally figured out how to do it.  It’s not perfect…there are things I’ll change/fix up next year, but I was really happy with how this soap turned out :D.

September 26th: Dry Rack

It’s not  quite full in this picture but two days later it was completely filled!  There’s A LOT of soap on the dry rack!  Just waiting for October to come so it can be sold!

And a bonus picture: I had to start my 2018 calendar :P! Yup…already planning/scheduling things for 2018. *OYE*


6 Responses to September 12 in 12

  1. Debbie says:

    You are totally AMAZING Jennifer! Love all your soaps as always! 😻🐾🐾❤

  2. I must get an earlier start next year. I’m exhausted too and don’t have half the business you generate. It’s a lot of work but we wouldn’t want to do anything else. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    • Jennifer says:

      Haha, yeah it’s always exhausting. In a good way, but still exhausting. Three weeks left of shows…THREE WEEKS! Then two weeks into January I’ll be bored and want some shows hehe.

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