November 12 in 12

I didn’t think this post would happen (at least not on time).  It is that time of year where I think I just run permanently on exhaustion mode.  It’s a good kind of tired, but I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done it seems.  Of course when January arrives and I have nothing to do I’ll complain I’m bored ha!  Anyway, without further ado here’s a look at my month!

November 2: Emoji Soaps

I thought they’d be popular…I just didn’t think they’d be quite this popular. I’m not complaining, but I swear it feels like all I did this month was make emoji soaps 😀

November 3: Boston Christmas Festival

This three day show is one of my biggest shows of the season.  I share a booth with another artisan friend and it makes for a fun (if long) weekend.  Here’s my half of the set up!

November 6: Wax Melts

Remember those wax melts I made in October? Well I’ve been enjoying them!  I LOVE this eggnog scent. So yummy!

November 9: Soap Boxes

I think I packaged about 1000 soaps in November.  However many it was I felt like I was constantly putting boxes together. I got smart and started just doing it in the evening when I’d sit down to watch an hour of TV before bed and make them then and then have them ready when I needed.

November 10: Emulisfied Scrubs!

Love this stuff–especially in the winter!  Spent most of the day making up 6 batches of this stuff!

November 13: Lip Pamper Gift Sets

Back in January I made a list of different gift set ideas I could do for the winter.  I’ve found that the gift sets (especially if I can keep them in the $10 range) do really well for me this time of year.  One of the ones I played around with was a lip set.  This wasn’t what I originally imagined, but I really like the finished packaged set (not pictured) and they’ve seemed to go over well!

November 15: My Stock

I was standing in my studio exhausted and looking at my stock of finished products and it hit me that I had A LOT of stuff.  Of course I still stress that I don’t have enough ha!

November 15: Bath Bombs

I decided to change my packaging for my bath bombs (yeah right in the middle of crazy show season).  I’m really happen I did.  I like the look of these much better.  These two pics show with labels then in the bags waiting to be shrink wrapped.

November 18: Hot Sauce!

Ha! I know this is not a soap pic.  This is my favorite hot sauce and I was almost out of it when I saw them at an event I was at that day and I had to buy three bottles. I don’t know what I’d have done if I had run out! 😉

November 20: Thanksgiving and Luke

We went to my sister’s for Thanksgiving.  For a FULL week.  I know, can you just imagine my stressing over lost of work time ha!  We’ll I brought a few things with me that I could do at her place.  One afternoon when everyone was napping and I was working Luke woke up from his nap. I grabbed him and tried to keep working while holding him (as he didn’t want to be put down).  I wasn’t quick enough one time and he dipped his hand in (not hot / MP) soap. Oops!


Part 2: Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese

My brother-in-law added some “soul” (as he calls it) to our Thanksgiving this year.  His co-worker gave him a mac & cheese recipe and said he had to try it.  And so for the first time ever our table had mac & cheese :D! It was good.

November 28: Swirls

Yeah, yeah, I know. I always show you my swirls. I can’t help it. I love them so much!

As a side note to this day: Have you ever wondered how much 2500 lip balms tubes looks like? Wonder no more! It’s a lot!

November 29: Gift Sets

I *think* I’ve put together the last of the gift sets I’ll need for this year. We shall see! 😉

There you have it!  Just one more month left this year.  Have you all enjoyed these? Is it worth continuing this next year? I’d hoped to pull in others who’s want to share their months too, but that never happened, and no one responds to these posts so I don’t know if they’re even enjoyed/wanted/interesting or not!  Your thoughts?


8 Responses to November 12 in 12

  1. soapsbysly says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    When I first found your blog a few years ago I left a response on one of them, as you mentioned some craft fairs you were participating in. I asked the exact location of one of your fairs, as a friend lives there and I thought she would be interested in going, but I got no response. (So of course I couldn’t tell her to where to go.)

    I also noticed that you did not reply to even one person that left messages on “About Jennifer” or “Jennifer’s Store,” as well as others that left messages on your blogs, which was very sad & disheartening. So I did not comment any more….why should I take the time to comment if you don’t respond? I figured you were just not interested in communicating with anyone that follows your blog. To me it sends a message that you are too “busy” and “important” to talk to anyone. (Because of this, I have thought several times of unsubscribing too, but I do enjoy your blogs.)

    So those are my thoughts in answer to your question above….maybe other’s feel the same.


    • Jennifer says:

      HI Sly, I know I try to answer all questions on posts though some do fall through the crack. (Though I don’t on the about me/store tabs…generally because I never visit those posts/tabs or if they’re asking for information I email the person directly). Sorry you’ve felt that I was unapproachable. That was never my intent. I just like to share my soap passion and the sometimes craziness of running a business. Jennifer

  2. Pat Tyson says:

    I always enjoy your blog! The emoji soaps are my favorite. I know you’ve probably sold a million of those. There are a lot of details and I know they are probably not quick to make. Thank you for sharing your creativity with your followers.

    Pat Tyson

  3. I feel you Jennifer on so many things. Last year I introduced glycerin loofah soaps. They were an immediate hit and after every show I had to make more for the next show. It was exhausting. Thanks you for “My Stock”. I was beginning to think I had too many bins. Actually, I don’t have enough. I really shouldn’t mix scent, even in the same category like everything that has citrus notes. I love gift sets too and they sell well for me especially after Thanksgiving. I’ve already started my next blog post on gift sets. Hanging in there. We only have a couple weeks left. From one who understands.

    Island Fresh Skincare

    • Jennifer says:

      Ha! Yes, I know what you mean. It’s like they’re fun to make…to a point then it’s like I just want to do something else ha! But it’s all good. If emoji’s are what people want that’s what I’ll give them ;). And oh my word, I’m glad others have stock piles like me. 😀 Three weeks to go!

  4. Phillis Nation Young says:

    I enjoy trying to make soaps and other products so I enjoy reading what works besides it help me to step up my game. I’m a disabled veteran so it’s hard to make ends meet. I’ve tried the soaps, bombs, scrub and body butter.i realize now that I can still to it and don’t give up. Your blog has been a blesding to me thank you.

    • Jennifer says:

      HI Phillis! Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad to help inspire you! Soap making is food for the soul! And I love sharing my creations with you guys! Keep soaping! 🙂 And thank you for serving! ❤

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