September 12 in 12

September…yup not sure where you went, but here we are already at the end of the month.  This month was CRAZY! I was a soap making robot (so to speak).  I finished ALL my winter soaps and most of my standard restocks.  And then moved on to restocking/stocking up on bath products.  *Trying* to get ahead of things so maybe life isn’t quite as crazy in November ;).

September 2, 2018: Friends ❤

MY friend from Australia flew in Saturday night to visit me for a week (on the first part of her Vacation).  And what do I do? I drag her to a farmers market the next morning and put her to work.  I know, I know ;).

September 5, 2018: Winter Soaps

Winter soaps are WELL underway.  This was a cut of my Santa’s Belt.

And that same day I made mummy soaps for Halloween. 😀

September 7, 2018: Reindeer Poo is back!

I love this soap. It cracks me up and it’s SOOOOO colorful (and we know me and color).  Can I also say this soap is so much work to make!  Oh those embeds!

September 11, 2018: Misspelled words. *arg*

At least I caught it before I labeled all the soaps.  But still!  I’ve never misspelled this word and today I decide to misspell it and not run spellcheck? Oh Jennifer!

September 12, 2018: Foot Scrubs

While making lots and lots of soap I’ve also been stocking up on my bath products.  I was almost out of foot scrubs so that was first up for the day.

September 13, 2018: Lip Scrubs

The next day it was lip scrubs and lip balms.

September 14, 2018: Frosty!

Oh my word I am in love.  These are NOT easy to make (the time it took to make these!!), but they came out so cute.

September 16, 2018: Skates…multiple variations

The prep work…umm yeah they were not easy to cookie cut out.

The first idea didn’t come out as planned. The blue was supposed to be this light ice blue (which I know is super hard to get in soap).

Next to the other soaps they don’t look too bad, but I really wasn’t happy.

Take 2: Ying-Yang Design

September 18, 2018: Frosty Labels

Version A or B? That is the questions. Ha!










September 21, 2018: New Packaging

After having the bubble scoops constantly squished, despite a sign saying don’t squeeze I finally broke down and changed the packaging.

September 22, 2018: Label Redesign

I’ve been slowly working on updating the look of all my labels.  Before I head into a marathon week of bath bomb making next week I updated the labels.

September 30, 2018: The Cure Rack

And here is the cure rack at the end of September.  Pretty much all my soaps for the rest of the year are made. The winter soaps are done.  And most of my standards are restocked.  From here on out it will be mostly making bath products. What soaps I have I have and hopefully it’s enough to get through December! (It should be ;)…I’ve been doing it long enough now I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on it).

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