October 12 in 12

I don’t know where October went.  We’ve reached that point of the year where I’m pretty much just a crazy lady who is tired and doesn’t remember what she did just two days ago! Ha!  I love being busy. I’m not complaining, but it’s definitely that time where life goes from controlled crazy to uncontrolled nutty! 😀

October 1, 2018: Dryer Balls

Oh my word!  I’ve said this before. I will say this again (and again and again ha).  Dryer balls are sooooo much work.  I’m making progress.  (Note: I’m still working on them at the end of this month ha!)

October 4, 2018: Bath Bombs

I should not leave my stock to the point of having almost nothing.  I made like 30 batches of bath bombs over a span of 4 days.  And more still had to be made, but I put them off until later this month.

October 5, 2018: Monster Molds

This was an impulse buy, but they were just too cute. So I made monster soaps.

October 8, 2018: Foot Balms

I’ve been slowly redoing all my labels.  Updating everything with a new (cleaner) font, and with “color”!

October 13, 2018: And now Dinos!

Monsters weren’t enough…Now I had to create dino soaps too.  These make me smile.  I love the baby dino in the egg!!!  Isn’t it so cute!

Part two: Mini soaps. I decided to make mini soap sets for kids. I had a wholesale request for it and decided to make a few for myself to see how they sell.

October 14, 2018: Last Outdoor Market!!

Happy dance! The tent is DONE for the season!  Don’t have to think about it again until next May rolls around.

October 15, 2018: Sorting Hat Bath Bombs

More bath bombs (there will be more yet)!

October 16, 2018: Lip Balms

I thought I was all restocked.  Well a week later I realized that I need to make another 5 batches.  The work is never done!

October 18, 2018: “Swirl Swoon”

Isn’t it sooooo pretty. I love swirling the tops of my soaps.  This one I could stare at all day.

October 19, 2018: Aloe (and lots of it)

My mom broke up an Aloe plant she’s had forever that was just way too over grown.  I couldn’t bear the thought of her throwing out this big section and so I took it and “de-aloed” it and froze it.  I’ll have aloe for soap making this summer :D.

October 21, 2018: Keep Calm and Carry a Wand

This soap as you can see from the edges is going to go dark.  It’s currently in a funky green stage (the end of October). I hope it continues to go darker cause I don’t like the color ha!

October 26, 2018: Photo Editing

When I’m not stressed and I have time I actually really like to edit photos.  It’s fun taking a photo I did and then making it better.  Photoshop is an amazing program when it comes to photo editing!



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