November 12 in 12

To be honest, this month almost didn’t get done.  I’m so busy and the last thing I felt like doing today was getting up a snap shot of my November.  It was crazy. It was busy.  There that summed it up.  But that’s not living up to the true intent that the 12 in 12 was suppose to show. And since I’m too disciplined to leave it be one month, here I sit putting this all together so it’s ready to go tomorrow.

November 2, 2018: Packaging

Nothing like last minute packaging as you try and get ready for one of your biggest shows of the year.  #lastminute #justalittle

November 4, 2018: That’s a Wrap

And the car is all packed up and the three day Boston Christmas Festival is now complete.  See you next year Boston. Aren’t you impressed with my car packing? I can even see out the back. Ha!

November 8, 2018: Custom Cupcake Favors

It’s always fun when I get to make someone’s day a little extra special!

November 9, 2018: Dryer Balls

This is round 3 (step 3…whatever you want to call it). They’ve been wrapped and washed and now I have to go through the tedious process of removing them all from the stockings. *sigh* (can you hear me groaning through the computer!)

November 14, 2018: More Dryer Balls!

And here we are again with me having to undo dryer balls.  These have gone through their second wash and will come out much easier.  I’m in the last stages of making these here.  I’m doing a happy dance!

November 15, 2018: Last stage (yes, yes, more dryer balls)

They’re out, they’re sorted into their groups of four. Now I just have to package them!

November 16, 2018: Rough Draft Done!

I finally finished writing my rough draft today.  It has to be typed and there are a ton of charts/images/graphics I still need to complete to finalize it, but it’s written and once I get it types and the other stuff done editing should go pretty easily!

November 20, 2018: If it could go wrong it did…

Today was one of those days were nothing went smoothly.  It was one little thing after another and by the time the day was done I was also done with it all. 😛

November 23, 2018: Frozen Olive Oil

If you leave olive oil in your car and the temps drop to the single digits that night you will wake up to frozen olive oil in the morning.

November 25, 2018: Packaging

And the cupcakes are ready to go to their new home! Hope they’re a hit at the baby shower!

November 26, 2018: Bow tying – Righty vs. Lefty

If you follow my FB page you probably so the post on this.  In the category of useless things to know in life I realized this month that righties and lefties tie their bows differently and I tie like a lefty (not surprising as I do a large number of things lefty).

November 28, 2018: Lip Scrubs

You’ll notice a lack of show set up pictures (I had 22 events over 30 days in November).  You’ll also notice a lack of product making pictures (outside of dryer balls), but I was also crazy busy making hand balms, foot balms, soaps, lip scrubs, bath bombs, and many many other things.  I could have given you a picture for every day with some sort of craziness going on! One month left now to get through and then I earn my break from life for a few weeks (or a month ha!)


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