October 12 in 12

Happy Halloween!  And just like that there are just two more months left to 2019. *queue panic mode* I’m so stressed (nothing new there) as I worry about sales, events, and having enough product.  I’m really not in bad shape but I always feel like I am quite caught up!  Anyway, here’s a look at what I’ve been up to this month!

October 1, 2019: Super Hero Soaps

They were so popular I made another batch.  I don’t think they’ll make it through Christmas, but that’s a good problem to have 🙂

October 3, 2019: Bath Bombs

The never ending (or so it seems) making of bath bombs.  Really it just seems like that because when I make them I make them like 10-20 batches at a sitting.

October 9, 2019Gift Sets

These are my most popular gift sets. I love them, I just don’t like packaging them ha!


October 10, 2019Advent Calendars

I’ve been working on these for the past month or so.  Got another portion done. Numbers are next. Then it’s just filling the boxes with goodies!

October 14, 2019Glycerin Rivers

It’s not often I get glycerin rivers in mica based colors, but this batch must have REALLY gelled for it to happen here!

October 15, 2019Bye bye tent!

And that’s a wrap with outdoor shows!  Down into the basement the tent went (and won’t resurface until May ha!)

October 21, 2019Lip Balms

I really do love the new labels.  It might have took me ages to come up with a design, but it was worth the wait and the experimenting!

October 23, 2019Eggs with faces? Or something more?

Something more of course ;). If you have been following me on Facebook you have seen the progression.  Keep scrolling you’ll see what these become!

Oh and look! More progress on the advent calendars.

October 24, 2019Bath Salts

I had fun creating these bath salts for a private corporate retreat!

October 25, 2019More Clues!

Ok…looks like we’ve got ears! and Horns!

October 27, 2019Display Shelves

Went to my dad with my design and he helped me build my ladder shelf. I really do love it!

October 29, 2019It’s Unicorns!

I’m quite in love with these (even if they were massive amounts of work to make)!


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