Check out: The Soap Artist (My YouTube Channel)

I’ve been very silent with the blog! It just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do and add on the fact that there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, this went by the wayside. I love sharing my creations with you, but the blog just wasn’t meeting my needs! So, I took a step back and reevaluated what I wanted to accomplish and how best to do that.

I realized that I love sharing how I make my soaps. I love creating tutorials to teach others how to create their own unique and fun designs. I also realized that there were limitations to being able to do this in a blog format. So, this year I made the decision to learn how to create and edit videos and decided to started a YouTube Channel. It’s definitely challenging and I’m still learning, but I’m having fun!

If you like watching soap videos or learning something new then come on over and check it out! It’s a new channel, but it’s gonna grow! And I hope to share so many amazing things with you all! Check out THE SOAP ARTIST here!

I wanted to play off the idea of SCIENCE and ART because soap is about both these things. I love the design side and am fascinated by the science side. I wanted a logo that represented that. And hence my new logo was born. Flowy/fancy font for the “artist” and clean/block font for the “science”. RCOO-NA+ is a the generic formula for “soap” and is a play on the science/art combo as well. If you want to hear more about the creation of my logo check out this video.

The plan is (and I will try very hard to stick to that schedule) is to release new videos on Tuesday and Friday at noon! Which means a new video will be coming today! Yippee! Check out the making of my Bergamot & White Tea soaps!

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