Artist Spotlight: Pink Pigeon Creations

September 20, 2013

Pink Pigeon Creations

I own many of Beth’s items and I’ve give many more as gifts.  They’re awesome. They’re extremely well made. They hold up to wear and tear and she offers something for everyone from adults (check out here “Messy Bags“) to children (her hooded towels as totally ADORABLE!)


Since Beth says it so well I’ve copied her business description here:

Pink Pigeon Creations is the result of years of crafting from a computer nerd. By profession I’m just another IT worker in the Boston area, but I spend my days now with my nearly two year-old son, and by night I let my creativity run free sewing and tinkering with graphic design.

After years of sewing and designing for family and friends, I decided it was time to branch out and share my ideas with you. When I was expecting my son, most of my other hobbies (snow skiing, volleyball, horseback riding, wine tasting, among others) were off limits!  Sewing was perfect, though, and since I had lots of expecting friends and family at the time, I started designing things for little ones and their parents and caregivers.  I’ve branched out with a few more “grown up” items lately, but I still have a focus on eco-friendly, stylish handmade things that make venturing out into the real world with baby in tow easier and more organized.

All of my items are 100% machine washable.  I use and abuse pieces made from the same materials and methods as what’s for sale here, and they’re still going strong.  True story – when I went into labor two weeks early, I had yet to make a diaper bag for myself!  So, I swiped a black and white one from my collection of items for sale, and I’ve used it every single day since.  It’s been stuffed in cars, strollers, airplane overheads, and inside other suitcases.  It’s traveled at least 9,000 miles by plane, train, car, bus, boat, stroller, on foot, and no telling what else.  It’s been through the washing machine and dryer several times, and it’s still just as cute as the day I yanked it off the shelf with no signs of wear and tear.

Aren’t these hooded towels totally adorable???


This is my niece with her Frog Towel 🙂  She’s a little young for it, but Aunt Jennifer couldn’t wait a whole year to give it to her!



Be sure to check out her aprons!  They’re reversible and absolutely amazing. I LOVE mine!!

Check out Beth’s Pages Here: